Saturday, May 20, 2017

Upcycled Solar lamp

Not long ago I was browsing Pinterest. Ok, to be honest, I'm always browsing Pinterest but for the purpose of this post we're talking about a couple of weeks ago. Any way I saw this picture and fell in love with the idea.  The source for this project is Thee kiss of life
 So as much as I liked these I didn't have any lamps like that and I figured any I found in a thrift store most likely would be more money than I was willing to pay.

Imagine my surprise then when about a week later I was driving up my street and saw not one but two lamps sitting next to someone's garbage can on the curb.

I pulled over and scooped those babies up.

This is the one I made. The other one still needs painted and I want to check Lowes or Home Depot to see if I can find a different solar light for the top. I'm not totally happy with this one but it was all Walmart had when I was there.

Now I just need to decide where I want to put them.


  1. Wow, this is so clever!!! You did a great job!

  2. a small table on you deck, does it get sun to power it after dark? this is really cool... those people should have donated those lamps but I am happy for you that you got them FREE.... painted like this they even make great candle holders... keep on pinteresting.....

  3. What a neat idea. You did a great job. Can't believe your luck!

  4. Good find. I like the way you fixed them up. Well done. Have a great day.

  5. How fun. You're so very clever.

    Have a fabulous day off. Big hug to you and my very best to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  6. Ann, this is a fabulous idea. Thank for sharing it.

  7. Great job....yes, I have done the "grab things up from the curb" thing myself. I love it when someone reads my mind and they put out something that I have been wanting....I mean needing!

  8. WOW, now I will be looking. Wait I just got rid of a few and never would have imagined.

    I know now what I'm gonna be looking for while I drive by during 'trash pick up days' around here!

    Great job Ann...seriously.

  10. I'm like you always lurking around on Pinterest. Don't discount he solar lights from Walmart - we bought some 4 years ago thinking we would just toss them in a year and they are still going strong even thru winter!

  11. Those turned out great! I would never be able to look at lamps and picture what you made. You're awesome. :)


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