Wednesday, October 18, 2017


After what feels like weeks, maybe months, of not doing anything creative, I finally broke the dry spell. It wasn't a huge splash back into the crafty pool but a little splash is better than nothing.

I decided that I would make a few more of the small notepad folios that I made a while back. This time though I wanted to add some of my old index card art to the front instead of scrapbook paper. I found a couple I liked and printed them out. After folding the base for the folio I added the decorative cover to the front.

The first one I printed as is from a scanned file I had. The second one I had to scan and then I made some adjustments to it in photoshop elements before printing

The first one printed out larger because I printed right from the scanned file on to a 4 x 6 paper. The second one was original size since I printed from photoshop elements. If you can see the rulers on the top and side of my scor-pal you can tell that these are 3 3/4 x 5 1/2. They're a nice size to stick in a purse.

The one drawback to them is that they are made from cardstock so they aren't going to be real durable. The upside though is that I have a use for those index cards I did and they look pretty.


  1. They are so pretty! And they don't look homemade or crafty at all. They look like a fancy item from the stationary section in Barnes & Noble.

  2. Good Morning, These are cute and very useful. You sure are creative!

  3. I agree with Ginny's comment 100 percent. these are really cute and a super way to use your cards.. so glad you broke your craft drought and now am back in forward gear

  4. I love it when you make these. They are so pretty and I love all your quotes.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hug to you and lots of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  5. You know I always have loved your cards, especially the work series you posted.i remember one about shooting my own turkey, but it alarmed the others in the store that I laughed at again and again.

  6. Your 'ex' craftshow buddy can go fly a kite!!
    Screw her opinion, I would buy these, and you did good!


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