Sunday, October 22, 2017

It's just me

I certainly haven't been too good with blogging lately. I either skip it altogether or I dig to the bottom of the barrel to post something.
I found myself out of material yet again so I turned to that app that does the caricatures again. I know it's been done but I'm doing it again. But with a twist.
I opened up the app, put on my reading glasses, made a funny face and took another picture. This time instead of choosing female I chose male.

Now I have

Me as a she. I love how skinny I am

Me as a he. My male version is also interested in photography.

And finally me as we. Don't you think we make a darling couple? Or is it don't you think I make a darling couple?


  1. I like all 3... and yes YOU do make a darling couple. your wedding dress is gorgeous and wow on skinny you.... in the male version I don't see the real you as much as in the female.. PHUN PHUN PHUN both of you are having PHUN

  2. Lovin' this!!! All of them. It seems to me if you run out of things to blog about you can sure come up with GREAT stuff.

  3. That is really cute. I wish mine would have looked good.

  4. This was great fun! I love all of them!

  5. Yep, you do make a darling couple. Can't wait to see you as a whole family.

  6. How fun. I think this is a fun way to do a post.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hug to you and tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  7. you crack me up! LOL Actually, I liked a couple of male versions. I have a stash of the caricatures for all different seasons. I admit that I did alter the nose on the one I'm using now because I don't have a broad nose but it sure built it as one. My vanity showing, even at this ripe old age. LOL

  8. I love them! I've never played around with an app like that.

  9. Most of the time, when you say that you have nothing, you do your bet posts! And this is no exception! Creative, amusing, and awesome!!! You need to have nothing more often.

  10. P.S. Is this just an app, or something I could get on my laptop? Can you give me the address? It would be such fun!

  11. HAHA...those are so cute! I love it. Nice to have things like that to play around with from time to time...still enjoying your time off?

  12. That is so much fun! I've never seen a program like that before.

  13. Oh how cute... Your creativity always amazes me.... Wish we COULD make ourselves SKINNY for real...... Wouldn't that be awesome???? ha

    Thanks for the smiles today.


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