Thursday, October 5, 2017

From the family folder

Well this blast from the past is certainly helping me with blog material but it hasn't gotten me to get motivated to come up with anything new.

I have several craft projects in various stages of completion but nothing finished and ready to show.

As for my computer woes from yesterday. I plugged my external into the back of the computer and it worked just fine. Then the next time I checked it wasn't showing up so I unplugged it and plugged it back in. I think I'm just destined to have issues with it.

Today the pictures are from the folder marked family.

This is a favorite since it features my biggest hero. Sure wish he was still around.

I can't remember what this type of edit is called but I know it included adding a gradient to it.

This was one of my first attempts at extracting a subject from one picture and putting them in a different background. I didn't do so good with the hair.


  1. This is your dad? What wonderful pictures!

  2. I'm guessing its your Dad in the photo. Like you I often wish mine was around although I think he might have a job adjusting to the world as it is now.

  3. I have always admired your photo editing skills. These are great examples. :)

  4. these may be old to you but new to us. love the collage of your dad. and I think you did a great job with your first person on a different background, my first was not nearly as good... i could have practiced that in PS when the internet was gone. keep the archive gold coming.

  5. Great pictures and it is always fun to see family pictures.

  6. Do love - maybe not so much for the edits but for the love in the photos...

  7. I know you love to edit pictures. I'm clueless to how to do this. Oh well.

    I hope you don't have serious computer issues. I hate it when technology decides to act out.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hug to you and tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  8. I would welcome hearing a lot more about your dad--even if it is repeating memories you have published before.


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