Sunday, August 2, 2009

Not the Miss Kitty Marshall Dillon knew

I suppose I'm dating myself by using the reference to Gunsmoke characters, but I've never been one to try and hide my age. After all, it's just a number. The fact that the number feels like it is increasing at lightning speed is irrelevant. My inner child refuses to grow up.

With that being said, my inner child made a pet for Addie. If you haven't figured it out yet, her name, of course, is Miss Kitty. While I was sitting here working on the details, Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke, just popped into my head. It was there so I used it.

If you like her, feel free to right click and save her. All I ask is that if you use her, please don't claim her as your own.

The weather forecast for today is not very promising, so it's possible that I may be back later today with another post. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.


PJ said...

what a cute little kitty! her name is very appropriate also.

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

I love her!!

Elisa said...

Too cute, Addie got a pet! :) Before you know it, you'll be illustrating a whole story book -now there is an idea! :)

Ratty said...

Everybody knows Gunsmoke today, because it's on for several hours a day on cable. Good show. So you won't confuse anybody with this one. :)

Duni said...

Miss Kitty is very, very cute!
My 'inner child' is alive and well :)

Judy said...

Thank you for the cute freebie ! I've been searching for a different email than the one on your TOU. I needed to ask you a question regarding a page kit and the email at allnet bounced back as undeliverable.
Your furbaby is adorable. Can you pop over and send me your current email addy ?

Jude said...

Well, I love Ms. Kitty and Ms. Moneymaker is adorable. I'll have to check out more next time I'm here.

Ann said...

thanks PJ and June

Elisa you're gonna get me going on a whole new thought process

Ratty, I've been known to watch an episode of Gunsmoke now and then, brings back memories of the good old days

Judy, I left you a comment on your blog, which by the way is adorable

Jude, stop back often, I love the company

Duni glad to hear it, keep it going

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