Monday, August 17, 2009

Did you ever have one of those days?

One of those days where you could just kick yourself in the butt? Well I had one yesterday. We went to the Medieval fair and it was great. The weather was fantastic, a little on the hot side, but then I'm a big fan of heat. I pulled out my camera and hung it around my neck because I planned on loading the memory card. I came home with a total of 11 pictures. No I don't have a really small memory card. I got the first 11 pictures and then the next time I went to turn my camera on it turned right back off. I tried a couple times and nothing. Guess what else? I DIDN'T BRING THE EXTRA BATTERIES. (pause while I kick myself a couple times). To make matters even worse, (yes it gets worse) when I got back home and tried the camera, it turned back on no problem. The batteries were fine. Apparently, the problem was with the idiot working the camera. (kick, kick)
Enough whining here's a few of what I got.
This guy was the first show we watched. He was doing tricks with a whip and he was hysterical. Here he was climbing the ladder with the underwear around his ankles. He went all the way to the top and stayed there for 3 minutes. The ladder wasn't being held up by anything but him.

Just a random picture I took.

And another one. I just liked the way these 2 looked sitting there on the bench.

This is the entrance.

These 2 are Wade. I can't believe I got him to do this. If he knew they would end up on my blog he probably never would have agreed to it. He took one of me here too, or so he thought. I did pose with my face in the hole but when I got home, it wasn't on the camera. Guess he pushed the wrong button or something.
Now just a layout to finish off the post. Totally unrelated to the Medieval Fair but I've got it so here it is. I used a kit by Elisa Holt from The kit is called "Fresh and Fun"
OK so it's off to go float in the pool some more since it's still 90 degrees outside.


  1. Through with CM, closed my account. Email me my friend.

  2. Looks like you had a fun time in spite of the camera woes ;) Great pics!

  3. This is something I have never done and always wanted too. It looks like you had a great day. I am glad!! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!!:-)))

  4. Well glad you go a few good shots despite the camera woes. I have been to one Medieval Fair and had a blast! I have yet to find one here in FL. Thanks for sharing!

  5. The picture of the couple on the bench looks like a portrait! Looks like you had lots of fun! And I love the little sparrow layout! ^-^

  6. that looks like a blast! i have always wanted to go to one of those, i think i could become addicted...hehehe. too bad about your camera, but you did get some good shots.

  7. Oh Ann, you are not alone, haha. The first time I borrowed my daughter's camera, I had to ask a friend to help me operate it, lol.

  8. Hey Ann,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think all the EC widgets went down for a few minutes because I was dropping and they suddenly disappeared. Anywho, I love your pics. We have a Renaissance place up here us too and I haven't been in awhile. These are inspiring me to go back.

  9. Miawa, the email is in the

    DigiVick thanks, but there were so many other things that I wanted to take pictures of. Ah maybe next year.

    Jackie, yep a great day indeed. this was the second time we've been there.

    Kirsten, too bad none in Fl

    BunnyKissd, that one is my favorite of all the ones I got

    PJ it is a blast and I think I am addicted. DH and I were looking at costumes and talking about dressing up next

    Liza, thanks glad I'm not the only one

    WhineyMomma well if you go, take lots of

  10. Oh, lucky you! I can't go to the festival this year. What few pics you managed to get (being smart, lol) it looks like you had fun!

  11. Great pictures despite the camera woes. I love the lay out you did of the little bird.

  12. Looks like you had a fun time! And don't feel bad about the battery business...I've done it a hundred times...hughugs

  13. I hate when I have camera battery problems. I've had very similar things happen to me. When I first saw the guy with the underwear, I did a double take.


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