Sunday, August 30, 2009

Request from a friend

I received the following email from a friend and wanted to share it with you here.

Please go to my site about CD inserts and pass to your co-workers, friends and family and ask them to pass it on.

When you read it you will see what I am asking for Sept-Nov, a cause that needs the help.
This is my way of offering help.

In this world today, one where abortions are so easily and inexpensively obtained these are young girls and women who have made the choice to give life, to use the option of adoption or, to at this Christian home learn to raise their children. Resources are provided to teach, train and give them options to become successful parents or help them through the process of adoption.

Your $5 helps stop abortion, helps young women make a different choice. Help stop this un-Godly attitude of
"Disposable Babies" .

What ever I design anything for Christmas, Thanksgiving or Halloween you send the $5 to them. It's all on the site

Please pass it on, thanks


  1. Thanks for sharing. I'll check it out!

  2. The link didn't work for me - says address not valid. I'll try again later.

  3. Thanks for sharing it Ann..I'm off to have a look.

  4. Thanks Ann for sharing. I hope the link is fixed now. Currently my Paypal account is empty. It will take me 3 to 5 business days to get money added.

    I will be more than glad to contribute. I am an adopted baby who has a daughter who can't have children.

    She and her husband are looking to adopt now that she finally got settled into a tenure track position.

    So not only do I support this from a personal religious conviction as a Christian but I also want more babies available so my wonderful daughter can hopefully fulfill her dream of being a mother.

    Hey just think if abortions had been so easy to get way back in 1957 then I might not even have ever had the chance to be here at all.

    I will definitely check back and will donate when my money gets into my account!!:-)


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