Friday, August 14, 2009

messing around and I got lucky

I'm quite sure that this is NOT what you were expecting (but then after my last post title maybe you were)
The messing around part was in pse. Just a few pictures I did
This started out as a less than perfect shot.

This is two pictures. The top one I used the out of bounds effect and then layered it onto another picture. The water drop I added in myself.

This I really have no explanation for.

Now for the "I got lucky" part of my post. We've been talking about going to the Great Lakes Medieval Fair. This is the last weekend for it. Well today at work my boss walked in and asked if anyone wanted to go. I said that we were talking about it. He told me his friend had two tickets and couldn't use them and was giving them away free. Now with free admission that means extra cash to spend on goodies while I'm there. We went a couple years ago and it was pretty fun. We saw some really good shows. I love seeing all the people dressed in costume and it cracks me up how they call everyone either my lord or my lady. I can't wait. I will definitely be taking my camera with me.


  1. i really like that second pic, so cool how you did that! congrats on the tickets, it sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. Great pictures! I really like the last one! =^..^= Congrats on getting the tickets and I hope you have a lot of fun!

  3. Ann, thank you for your kind words. They meant a lot.

    Did you have fun at the Faire?

  4. Congratulations on getting the tickets and I love all of these. The 3rd one made me think 'Daisies and Kittens!'

    Happy day Ann!!:-)))

    oh thanks for hosting my ad today!

  5. You Better take that camera Girl!!hahaa..Can't wait to see the pics!!hughugs

  6. Beaded tail,thanks and we had a great time.

    BunnyKissd, you are so welcome. You're family is still in my thoughts

    Jackie, I did good then because that's what it was supposed to be, a kitten hiding in the daisies.

    Donna, took it but wait till you read the next


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