Saturday, October 11, 2008

As promised

I said I would share the link for my digiscrap kit so today is the day I make good on that promise. I was trying to figure out how everyone does the links but I couldn't do it the way I wanted to. This works just as well though. What I wanted was to post it like I've seen in other blogs where there is a picture and underneath it says to dowload click here, with the word here being the link. But alas, my frustration level got too high and I gave up. If any of you who know how to do this could share the secret with me I would be eternally grateful.

Before I give you the link I just want to share a picture with you. In preperation for Halloween and photographing jack 'o lanterns I was doing a little experimenting. Last year the pictures were a complete disaster. Of course then I knew nothing about all the different settings a camera has to offer. I lit some candles on the coffee table, got out my camera and spent who knows how much time taking pictures with different settings. Here is one of the pictures I got straight off the camera
This next one is an edit I did on it. For some reason I just love the color. So why did I feel the need to share this with you? Well because, I used the edited image in one of the papers in the kit.
OK, now on to the download link. I do have a password on it, it's aseshappyfall
Let me know what you think, (remember this is my first and if you use it I would love to post your work for others to see

happy fall y'


  1. I really love the color in the candle pic too! Now I'm off to DL your kit.

  2. Ann,
    In order to make the work "here" clickable you have to highlight it and then click the little button on your posting toolbar that looks like a link, then paste the link in the bog and that's it! Hope that helps ya!


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