Sunday, October 12, 2008

Who could ask for anything more

Today could quite possibly be one of those days that fall into the category of perfect. I actually got something accomplished around the house for a change. I got my cleaning done, I baked cookies and Duke and I went for a walk. Even though summer is my favorite season, I just love the fall colors, and I've been wanting to go out and get a few pictures before it's time to hibernate. Here's a few from our walk today.

Ahhh gotta love mother nature.
Before I go today I want to give a great big thank you to Tabitha at Tabbyscraps. She left me a comment telling me how to do the link thing that I couldn't figure out. THANK YOU TABITHA! You should check out her blog, she has her very first kit up as a freebie. If you're a football fan or have one in the family you'll love her kit.

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  1. Awesome fall pictures and your blog is great. Don't worry about that overload thing just relax and "let gooooooooo" my favorite words! It really does work.
    Everything looks great and you are going to offer wonderful stuff - patience my friend.


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