Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm possessed...

...By the scrap kit designing bug. I joined a new group on cafe mom (one of my favorite web sites) called scrap kit designers. There is a challenge to create your first digiscrap kit. Well I've been possessed with it ever since I joined. I've neglected all my other cafe mom groups, my photo editing and my house cleaning. I think I have remembered to go to work and feed the dog though.
Well the challenge is for a Christmas kit. It's being done in 5 phases and I'm way ahead of the game. So in the meantime while I'm waiting for phase 2 to begin I thought I would start on another kit. I have to say that, personally, I think both of these kits are going to turn out much better than the first one I did and offered here as a freebie. I've learned a couple things since that kit. Also, with a little help from my ever talented sister Tanyia, who by the way is a fantastic designer, I made some adjustments to my first drafts for my challenge kit that made them look sooooo much better.
I really can't give too many details about the kit (other than it is a Christmas theme) because I'm doing it all secretly. I'm not even showing my stuff in the posts in the group. I'm waiting till the end to unveil the final kit. (They gave the option of doing it this way) I will offer it as a freebie here though once it's completed.
In the meantime, I thought I would share a little bit of the other kit with you now. I just started it, and it's far from being done, but I made this Hello tag with it today and wanted to share it with you. Once the kit is done it will be offered right here as a freebie of course.

Time for me to get back to my new kit. I wonder if the boss would be made if I called in sick tomorrow because I have a project going on at home that I just have to


  1. I warned you sis that digi designing is DANGEROUS and ADDICTIVE lol.

  2. Your a nut! And you are a talented nut your designs are really nice. You just keep going and enjoying apparently you have found your 'nitch' and there is nothing wrong with that! Have fun Ann and roll with full steam ahead.


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