Saturday, November 8, 2008

Am I getting any better?

My goal has been to improve my digital scrap booking. I've been participating in challenges, reading articles and looking at how other people do their pages.

For comparison here are a couple of the very first scrap book pages I did after I got photoshop elements.

This one is pretty blah, drop shadows make it look like paper is floating above the page. But heck I was proud of it when I first did it.

I laugh when I look at this one. I extracted all the people from 6 different pictures to put into this. I was so proud of myself. Now I look at it and laugh my butt off at how bad it really is.

The next two are layouts that I did last night. Both for challenges on Cafe mom in the digital scrappers group

So what do you think? Am I getting any better? I really would love to hear what everyone thinks. (I hope someone is reading)
Before I go I'll share a freebie with you. It's not mine. I came across this one on cafe mom. This is her first kit ever. If you're looking for something for those "Guy" layouts, this one would be great. You can find it at Go check it out and if you download be sure to leave her some love.


Laura @ live.laugh.photograph said...

You are most definitely getting better! I look back at mine too and get embarassed! I think to myself: "did i actually think that looked good?" LOL

Miawa said...

There is a big difference, I know nothing about digital scrap booking and am not very good at it. My favorite (not speaking as a pro) is the Christmas 2006 one. Could it be because I love editing??? hmmm!

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