Sunday, November 2, 2008

No wonder my house is a mess

I have spent practically my entire weekend off playing on the computer. I was playing around with making doodles and came up with this little bird. Obviously I'm no artist, but I thought he was kind of cute, so he's

I was working on making some background textures from pictures. For this edit, I took a picture of a basket first. Then I turned that into a texture, added a solid color over that and set the blending mode to overlay. I added the picture of Wade, erased the edges with a soft edge brush and changed the blending mode on the picture. I think the picture was set to linear burn but I can't be positive because I was going back and forth between a couple different ones trying to decide which one I liked.

I also did a couple challenges for the digital scrapbook group I'm in at Cafe Mom. The first one was a scraplift challenge and the second one was a speed scrap.

I also (event though I said I was going to give up) started working on another new kit. So far I've only come up with some papers and 2 elements for it. We'll see if I take it any further or not.

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Miawa said...

They are all nice but I love, love, love the one titled "Age"

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