Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday part 1

Yep, that's right, part 1. I have several different things I want to share with you today and I thought it would be best if I broke it down into separate posts.

I came across a website today that I found so entertaining. I'm sure that I could have wasted the afternoon away playing here. You have got to check this one out. Especially if you do any kind of photo editing or scrap booking. The website is BGPatterns I'm not sure about terms of use for any of the patterns you create. They didn't have anything on the website as far as FAQ or TOU.

Here are a few of the patterns I made while I was there.

Head on over there and make some of your own. When you register you can save all your patterns right there on the site. You can also download them to your computer.

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Miawa said...

I'll be visiting there

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