Saturday, January 3, 2009

before, after and be funky

I made a small dent in the growing number of pictures waiting for me to edit them today. I don't even want to think about how many pictures I actually have on my computer right now. At least I have a removable drive just for all my pictures, edits and scrap booking stuff, otherwise my computer would be suffering from a major overload.

Here are just a couple of the ones I did today. I thought I would give you both the before and after so you can see how much of a difference editing can make. Either that or I'm showing you just how bad I really am at getting good pictures straight off the camera.
Now on to the funky part of today's post. I found this website the other day and had to share what I made there. That is a picture of me that I cartoonized. All you do is pick which project you want to do and then upload your picture. I didn't try any of the others but on this one they had different stuff you could add such as frames, hair, facial features as well as other graphics. On mine I just added the eyes and the big red lips. If you want to try it out the website is Go ahead, you know you want

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