Sunday, January 11, 2009

Make your own light box

I found an article on that gave instructions on how to make your own light box for digital photography

Since I work in a grocery store, there is always an abundance of empty boxes, I picked one up before I left work last week and set out to make one of my own. It may not be the best construction job in the world but it was fun playing and creating something.

The article doesn't tell you how to set up the lights outside the box so I did some experimenting with small lamps set around the box. Keep in mind here that I am no expert when it comes to taking pictures and my point and shoot camera is the only piece of photography equipment that I own other than a tripod. The pictures I got, while not perfect, were better than if I just had the objects sitting out on a table in the open.

The biggest problem I encountered while trying to take the pictures was with my assistant.

You see, I was using touch lamps on either side of the box and Mr. Duke felt that the light source was perhaps a little too much and kept turning the lamp off with his nose. I guess setting this up on the floor while the dog was around wasn't the best

Maybe with a lot more experimenting and playing around I'll get it perfected. I hope the box holds out.


Deb said...

OMG, that looks just like my old light box that I lovingly refered to as my "ghetto light box." When I got a new one for Christmas, ghetto light box went to the curb. It did serve it's purpose though! Just took up too much room in my already crowded with too much junk basement! And your dog looks exactly like I dog that I had named Casper. What a spaz! Thanks for stopping by my blog and the kind comments!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann! I am in the photo editing beginners groups on CafeMom. I just wanted to tell you I made one of those last year for photographing my jewelry, and it also works great using it outside in the natural light. BTW, I love the rose picture. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

Keyfra Desings said...

hey your awesome im still figuring out my blog lol the age you give for the bckgroud is not working lease help me out i need to put up so much stuff i have done already like my new kit lol by the way love your new freebie

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. I would like to know more about the lightbox. Any help would br awesome. Jana

Miawa said...

Awesome, I went to the sight and got instructions I am going to make one soon. What a great, simple idea!

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