Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I'm pretty sure neither one of my kids ever looks at my blog so I think it's safe to share this with you here without them seeing it just yet. I did this edit for a challenge in one of my editing groups on cafe mom. It was for a collage of your kids. After I got done with it I thought that it would make the perfect Valentine card to send to each of them.

I used my own kit "My funny Valentine for the background and embellishments (you can find it in one of my earlier posts) I a recent picture of each of them (both taken within the last few months) and then one of the two of them way back when. Weren't they just the cutest?
The journaling reads:
My Funny Valentines
Over the years you have both
made me laugh
you've made me cry
you've given me a reason
to hold my head high
and say...


Beth said...

That is a really nice card. I would love it if you sent it to me.

Lois B said...

Great card. Your kids will love it :)

Miawa said...

They are going to love it Annie, it's so sweet

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