Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cafe Mom Scrap Challenge Week 6

Another scrap challenge at cafe mom has ended. This weeks challenge was to do a recipe layout.

Here is Miawa's. My mouth was watering when I saw all those chocolate cookies. I just realized she even used my favorite color for the background, no wonder I liked this one so
Here is one by whiteprincess2k This one sounds so yummy. I may just have to try this one out. (I just want to know if she makes the soup, does she get to have a bowl with the guy?

And finally here is mine. I just love stir fry. I added a note to the cafe mom post that I don't know what the symbols stand for on the left hand side of my layout. So if I happened to have made any inappropriate statement with them I plead guilty by reason of
It occured to me just now that I have posted my stir fry recipe in a previous post. Hmm guess I really do like it. I should have thought about that before I did my layout and used something else. Oh well, that's another layout.

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