Sunday, March 15, 2009

Random thoughts and pictures

Due to employment overload I haven't been very attentive to my blog, housework, cafe mom groups my dog or even other humans for that matter. If that statement makes no sense, what it really boils down to is "work is killing me" So today I'm just going to do some random thoughts and share a few pictures.
It was around September of 2007 when I finally started figuring out how to use my photoshop elements program. Since then I've learned so much about the program and how to use it. In the beginning though, thinking I was so creative, I had wild dreams about quitting my day job and spending my time in front of the computer creating wonderful masterpieces that everyone would be flocking to my door to buy. (I'm a dreamer, so sue Then I started working on designing my own digiscrap kits. If you haven't already guessed, that led to another dream of joining a CT and then selling my masterpieces in stores. That is what every designer does right?
So now it's 2009 and this is my reality. I'm still working 40 hours a week, loving my job but resenting everyone I work with because I'm working my butt off and they just mosey through the day. (I have a bit of a type A personality With the designing, I'm still doing it but I'm not on any CT or selling in any stores and I don't foresee that happening in the future. Do I still want that? Not really. I started all of this for enjoyment, if I turn it into designing for someone else or to sell, I've then turned it into a job. I want to do this just for the sheer pleasure of doing it. I want to share what I make with anyone who likes it enough to download it. So my promise to you, my dear readers, is that anything I offer on my blog, in the way of downloads, will always be FREE. The only thing I will ever ask for in return is that you enjoy using it, maybe send a friend or two my way, and that you not claim my work as your own.

So now on to the sharing pictures part of my post
This was a picture I edited of my husband and Lydia (first grandchild) I just love the look on her face. She looks like a little angel doesn't she?

This was a LO I did for a challenge in one of my groups. The pictures is my kids way back when. They were so adorable.

This was another challenge. I cheated and used a quick page that I had made for my last kit. Work is interfering with my

and this last one was an color change, edit challenge.


  1. Sorry work is sucking so bad, sis. :( You gotta make sure you get a little time for you, to unwind though!

  2. They are great and that first pic with the grandbaby is perfection. She is just down right adorable and you made the pic so special. Your husband is a good subject.


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