Saturday, March 7, 2009

This is so cool

Yesterday I was reading a blog post at She was trying out a program she bought to make fonts. Well she also gave a link to another site and I went and checked it out.

That's right you can turn YOUR handwriting into your very own font. And you can do it for free. It is so easy to do. I definitely recommend you give this site a try. The only thing I should have done differently with mine is fill in all the blanks on the template you have to print out. I didn't do all the punctuation and when I was trying to use it to make that little announcement I didn't have a period or apostrophe. But nothing is stopping me from going back and doing another one. Oh and I should also mention that when you create your font it is yours to do with whatever you want, even commercial use. You hold the copywrite to the font. Now what are you waiting for? Go make a font.

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