Saturday, December 31, 2011

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Not the way I had planned to say goodbye to 2011 but then again I didn't have a plan to begin with. Even now as I sit here attempting to be clever in bidding our year adieu nothing is falling in to place. I'll blame it on the fog that is still lingering in my head.
The past 12 months have given us laughter and tears, good times and bad and yet we moved on. Not dwelling on the bad or lingering to long with the good. And so it is that I shall say goodbye once again 

  • Farewell - English (formal)
  • Bye - English (casual)
  • totsiens / tot siens - Afrikaans (standard)
  • tot weersiens - Afrikaans (informal)
  • tot wederom - Afrikaans (informal)
  • wederdom - Afrikaans (informal)
  • koebaai - Afrikaans (informal; derived from English "Good-Bye")
  • ghoebaai - Afrikaans (informal; derived from English "Good-Bye")
  • baai - Afrikaans (informal; derived from English "Bye")
  • arriewarie - Afrikaans (informal; folk etymology from "Au revoir")
  • tatta / tata - Afrikaans (children's language)
  • vaarwel - Afrikaans (formal)
  • elalleqa - Arabic
  • khodaa haafez _ persian
  • aabar dekha hobey - Bengali
  • Donadagohvi - Cherokee
  • Hagoonea' - Navajo
  • Ahoj - Czech
  • Ja ne / じゃね (informal) - Japanese
  • Ja mata ne / じゃまたね (formal) - Japanese
  • Sayonara / さよなら (if you will not see them for a long time) - Japanese
  • Auf Wiedersehen - German
  • Bis dann - German
  • Tschüss - German
  • Ade - German
  • Tschau - German
  • Bis Spater (Bis Schpaater)- German
  • Viszlát! - Hungarian
  • Arrivederci - Italian
  • Addio - Italian
  • Ciao - Italian
  • Buona sera - Italian
  • Adieu - French [add-ee-uh] (farewell) very formal
  • Au Revoir - French (aw reh-VWAH)
  • À bientôt - French (see you later)(ah bee-EN-toe)
  • À demain - French (see you tomorrow)(ah deh-MAN)
  • Hejdå - Swedish
  • Aloha - Hawaiian
  • Le'hitraot - Hebrew
  • Shalom - Hebrew
  • Aavajo - Gujarati
Punha Bhetu - Marathi
  • Sampai Jumpa - Indonesian
  • Adios - Spanish
  • Paalam - Filipino
  • Zai Jian - Chinese, Mandarin
  • Zoi Geen (the "g" is pronounced like geek) - Chinese, Cantonese
  • Farvel - Danish
  • Namaste (same as hello) - Hindi ( this video shows you how to pronounce namaste: )
  • Fir Milenge (see you) - Hindi
  • Alvida (Goodbye, bit formal) - Hindi
  • Ayo - Papiamentu
  • Rub Rakha - Punjabi
  • Feri bhetaula (lit. we'll meet again) - Nepali
  • Do zobaczenia (see you) - Polish
  • Żegnaj - Polish
  • Adeus - Portuguese
  • Tchau - Portuguese
  • Do svidan’ya/До Свидания (until we meet again, formal)- Russian
  • Poka/Пока (pronounced pa-ka, informal) - Russian
  • Do vstrechi/До Встречи (until we meet again) - Russian
  • Selamat jalan - Malay
  • Selamat tinggal - Malay
  • Tot ziens - Dutch
  • Dag - Dutch
  • Doei - Dutch
  • 再见 - Chinese
  • Yasou (YAH-soo) - Greek
  • Hwyl fawr - Welsh
  • Annyeonghi Kyeseyo(if the person you're talking to isn't leaving) - Korean
  • Anyeonghi Gasyeo(if the person you're talking to is leaving) - Korean
  • Näkemiin (See you) - Finnish
  • Hyvästi (Farewell) - Finnish
  • Hasta La Vista (see you later) - Spanish
  • Adios - Spanish
  • Te veo despues - Spanish
  • Vale- Latin (to one person)
  • Valete- Latin (to more than one person)
  • La revedere - Romanian
  • Veloma - Malagasy
  • Sige la - Pangasinan
  • Khuda Hafiz - Urdu
  • zai jian - Chinese
  • Ha det bra - Norwegian
  • Ha det - Norwegian
  • Sees - Norwegian
  • Snakkes - Norwegian
  • Vida parayunnu - Malayalam
  • Vidaiperukiren - Tamil (very formal, in fact no one uses this)
  • Ok maams - Tamil (very informal, use with mates only)
  • Poitu Vaarein (Taking leave but will visit again)- Tamil (standard fare)
  • Vaarein (Will come again) - Tamil short for Poitu Vaarein
  • Slan - Irish
  • Aavajo - Gujarati
  • Чао - Macedonian
  • Doviđenja - Croatian (litteraly means "Until we see again")
  • Bog - Croatian ( litteraly means "God", but can be pronounced Bok! so it is differencianised from the word "God")
  • Ćao - Croatian ( Primarily used in Coastal Croatia, because of it location very close to Italy, where you would say "Ciao" and the prounanciation of Ciao and Ćao are similar, if not the same)
  • Mattae Sigona - Kannada (Used for meet you again sometime)
  • Chao - Serbian/Bulgarian
  • Nawatha hamu wemu - Sinhalese (This means "Catch you later")
  • Subha dawasak - Sinhalese (This means "Have a nice day")
  • Nasvidenje - Slovene (Formal)
  • Adijo - Slovene (Bye)
  • Čav - Slovene (Also čao and is pronounced as italian ciao)

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J. M. P. said...

And Adéu in Catalan :D Wishing you a happy new year, Ann!

john bain said...

So this is goodbye then? Is it?

Happy New Year! :-)

Donna said...

Well, I guess that just about covers it...!!
Happy New Year Ann!

Duni said...

That's a pretty comprehensive list! Ann, hope you are feeling better today...may your new year be filled with happiness and great health!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Cool post.. now onward to the New! I sure have enjoyed popping in to visit with you this year, sweet blogging Friend!

Unknown said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon.

allotments4you said...

Us Brits also say,....seeya, cheerio, tataa, among many others...all the best for the New year Ann...hope you are feeling better.

MadSnapper said...

wellll there is nothing like a long good bye and this one fits perfectly. love it. bye now, bless your heart. that is southern for good bye.

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

That is a great list! Sending you warm wishes to feel better and all the best for 2012!


Anonymous said...

I hope your cold is on the wane...but a perfect excuse to stay cuddled up and comatose - a short winter relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating...

Marie said...

Very cool good bye for 2011.
Big hug to you & Duke! Be safe and have fun while bringing in 2012!

Sandee said...

Looks like you've covered the goodbye quite nicely.

May you and yours have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. My best to Duke. :)

tahtimbo said...

Wow, that covers just about everyone...except Klingon :-) Yes, I'm a Star Trek fan.
Anyway, I hope you feel better soon.
Have a safe and wonderful New Years!!

BeadedTail said...

Who knew there was so many ways to say bye!

Hope you feel better soon Ann! Happy New year to you and Duke!

Donna said...

Toot-toot-toosie, goodbye!!!

Molly Smith said...

What a cute post!
Wishing you a wonderful 2012 full of love, hugs and laughter :)

(adios, 2011)

Catherine said...

Cute post Ann! Have a Happy New Year Duke and Ann!
xo Catherine

jeanlivingsimple said...

This made me smile. But I do hope you recover soon.
Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!!!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hello There, Happy New Year! Make it a good one. Live and love more and stop worrying about things that are beyond your control. Every day is a gift and you can choose what you do with it!


Anne said...

That's an awful lot of goodbyes. Happy New Year!

Reeni said...

I can take a hint. Tee-hee. Happy New Year!

Chatty Crone said...

Happy New Year! sandie♥

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

But only "bye" for a moment, and then we'll do Hello 2012!

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