Thursday, April 12, 2012


Since mom and dad are working today and I'm just sitting here by myself I wondered if you would like to do a little spelunking with me.

Work on the man cave still isn't complete but dad sure has gotten a lot done around here. He's pretty proud of his tv/entertainment wall. The bottom part of the wall is built around his tv stand that holds all his stereo equipment. It has an electric fireplace in it too.

This is just looking down in to the cave from the top of the steps. I hope you don't get dizzy looking all the way down there.

Dad says he doesn't like the stuff where it is on the wall so he's moving it but it's still there for now.

This is the corner where dad's desk is. He does all kinds of important things here like taking care of email correspondence and  winning badges on pogo.
We still have some cabinet doors to make, the stairs to finish, some trim work and the floor but it's come a long way since last year.
You can see previous post about it here and here and there may be others but I just don't have time to search for them.
Thanks for spending time with me today.


  1. Poor Duke---looks so lonely and dejected!!!!! ha

    The "Man Cave" is awesome... I may not be a man-but I'd love that place myself.


  2. Hey Duke! Surprised your mom let you have your say on the blog today! The mancave is looking real good! Hope your mom and dad get home soon so you will have somebody to hang with!

  3. Thank you for showing us the 'man cave'. Do you usually get to sit in that nice sofa? Looks comfy.
    Say 'Hello' to your Mom and Dad for me.
    Best wishes & hugs,

    Tell your Mom that she is 'first commenter' on my K-post and gets an extra link back here to you!

  4. Nice to see Duke - and what a lovely den hubby has. He's very good at DIY!

  5. heyyyyyy... there's place for a whole lot of us to share with you on your couch Duke :) mind if i come overs?

    the man cave is very very very niceeeeeeeeeeeeee... your folks did a great job with the wall... and everything else!

  6. a lot of work completed since the last time. a man's gotta have a big screen TV, it is a man Thing. sorry you had to do the post by yourself. I will tell your mommy you did a fantastic job of telling the story. just like a reporter.

  7. Well, you don't have time 'cause you're busy showing us how to go spelunking. I'm glad that the bats hidden in the darkness of the cave didn't show...I would still be trippin' over the steps.

    PS....LOVE the paneling!!! That's gorgeous!!

    From the post below this...not only did YOU miss the house being removed, but I missed this POST. How? I don't know.

    Sad to see it go...just hope the church if they bought the property, doesn't turn the land into a parking lot or something ugly for you guys!!

  8. So, are you allowed down there in the cave? It looks like a nice place to hang out for a man with his dog.

  9. That man cave is looking terrific Duke! And if I lived closer I would totally be laying on that couch beside you! :)
    xo Catherine

  10. LOVE it!! Boy, that was a LOT of hard work! It's great!
    Now where is Duke's cave??Hahaaa

  11. The man cave looks great! I would be happy in there. Looks so cozy.

  12. Thanks for the tour, Duke! I hope that the renovations continue to go well.

  13. Every man needs a man cave where his wife can lock him in now and then. Just saying.

    It's looking great. Lots of improvements indeed.

    Have a terrific day and thanks for telling me about what dad is doing Duke. My best to your mom. :)

  14. It looks fabulous!!! But I am afraid that when it is done you will never see him again, he will retreat to his hangout!!

  15. Okay - is your woman cave just as wonderful and are you going to be allowed in there?

  16. Good post Duke. Looks you have lots of nice places to curl up in. If Dad doesn't want that wall hanging, I'd like to put a claim on it. John likes bright colours. Lots of love Sadie x

  17. The man cave is looking good! The cabinet is a masterpiece!

  18. You know, we have been covering up the knotty pine in our house but y'all make all of that wood look good and perfect for the space. Ours had turned an orange-red color so maybe that is why I did not like it so much anymore.

    Though, I am not crazy about all of the work I have done and still need to do.

    And when you figure out how to be balanced, let me know. I can always use help in that area.

  19. Duke, do you get to use the Mancave when your dad isn't there? It looks like a pretty cool place to be! Is that a Kasey Kahne #9 Budweiser car?

  20. The built-in wall is great and I love the ceiling! Thanks for the tour Duke.

  21. It's so good to see you Duke! That man cave is looking good. I like the built ins under the tv. Does your mommy have her hang out area? Will that be the next project??

  22. He sure got a lot done, Duke! Tell him that I like his entertainment center. I like the built around the stereo. It makes that area look nice and neat.


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