Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In reply to a comment

OK so this is going to be a little long winded here today because I felt the need to respond to a comment that was left on my post the other day regarding my trip to Walmart. 
First a little eye candy for those expecting it and then you can either read the comment (in black) and my response (in red) or you can move on with your day. 

Ramona said...
I don't blame Wade for not being happy with you.

I sure hope when you have a bad day I'm around to see it, 'cause quite frankly I wouldn't give a damn! And I wouldn't expect you to. Especially if I am the person waiting on you.

I'd expect that you would smile at me, even if your hair was on fire.I would smile at you because that is part of my job but I do hope that you would extend me the courtesy of attempting to put out the flames

You have no clue about the girl, what's going on in her life, her family, her friends, her living arrangements, her health... for all you know perhaps she's hearing impaired.
You are correct I know nothing about the girl. I'm not there to become acquainted with the stores employees. I'm there to spend my hard earned money in their establishment be it a store, restaurant or any other type of business. Maybe the girl was hearing impaired. I don't know. I AM hearing impaired but because I make eye contact with my customers I CAN see their mouth moving and know that they are speaking to me. If I don't hear them I politely ask them to repeat what they said.
But all YOU care about is getting a smile while Wade is making small talk with a young girl.

Get a grip, as I said, you know nothing about her, not one iota! and you have the audacity to mumble and sneer as you walk away. You didn't even have the guts to say it to her face. You stand there, listen to Wade joke away, and the poor girl has to put up with drooling older man making pathetic jokes, advances, flirtation, while YOU the wife expect the girl to SMILE at you.I do have the guts to tell the girl to her face, however I felt that it would cause her further embarrassment since there were customers in line behind me. I felt that it could be better handled in private through her supervisor. You are making an unfair assumption regarding my husband and his remarks. Without knowing the FACTS you assume he is making sexually explicit and inappropriate comments to a young girl. Let me set you straight. He was joking to her that the store should provide reading glasses to older men that can't see to read the credit card machine. Let me also say that in the past I have had male customers make pathetic jokes, advances, flirtation to me and I politely smiled and walked away. If a situation arises that can't be handled courteously and politely a manager should be called to intervene

Before you arrived at Wal-Mart, how many other men had joked with the girl? I presume since you felt the need to complain and perhaps get her into strife you do have all the FACTS and STATISTICS of the entire situation.I don't know but again I'm not entering the store to become acquainted with the employees. I'm there to do my business and I expect good, friendly and polite customer service.

Are you a know it all? Are you smiling while you're reading this? Oh, well, if not too bad!No I'm afraid I don't know it all but yes I am smiling while I'm reading this because it's great that people can share their opinions freely. I would have responded to you directly however your comment came through as no reply and there was no where to contact you

You're mean. You're horrible. You're gutless. People like you who carry on like you did all because you didn't get the recognition you wanted... Pathetic!I have been accused of being mean but never horrible or gutless. In my job as a manager in a retail establishment, sometimes it's necessary to be tough to get your point across. I always emphasize to anyone working under me that the CUSTOMER comes first. They are the reason we are there. As I said I wasn't carrying on or ranting when I went to customer service. I stated the facts politely and left

I hope you have learnt something from this experience, and will try to be nice without EXPECTING SOMETHING IN RETURN.
I frequently do nice things for people and I never expect anything in return.
Seriously, it's people like you that tip others over the edge. Your snide remark if heard can do a lot of damage!!!

If you speak about a stranger behind her back, then complain, it makes me wonder how you treat the people you do know.
I treat people as kindly and as fairly as I can. I don't treat anyone any differently than I would expect to be treated by them. And YES, if I acted the way that girl did and a customer was not happy about it I would expect her to let someone in authority know. It's only fair
Perhaps, it was really you who was having the bad day, and not her.No, I was having a very good day.


and you don't have all the FACTS.You are correct, we all have our own battles and struggles in life and I am NOT the only one here who doesn't have all the FACTS!

I do hope in the future should you strongly agree or disagree with anything I have to say here you will continue to share your opinions and I do thank you for stopping by.


  1. Ann, I wouldn't have thought your post would get this kind of reaction. I think you handled it just right, especially the last sentence!
    Bid smoochie for Duke ♥

  2. Let's see how many times I can re-write this comment...Ok, I give up...

    Good on you tho...

  3. Ramona is wrong as far as I see it. If you are unstable, depressed, Having a "bad day", or experiencing an issue that prevents you from functioning at the simple tasks of your job, then you need to take some time off.

    I wouldn't have given Ramona the space, Ann. I think what she was doing was giving you what she thought was a taste of your own medicine--which wasn't warranted. Where she came up with some of this stuff--I don't know. Wade a pervert??? Ugh. Ignore the haters, Ann.

    Again, I would have done the exact thing you did. You did NOTHING wrong or inappropriate.

  4. All I can say is OMG, omg!!!! I've had comments like this as you know but of a whole 'nother 'like this'....I mean the snide creatures that think they know it all and presume what you post is something they need to carry on is such a manner as being VERY rude!! I especially like your stand on go girl!!! And thanking her for her visit and disagreement just put the icing on the cake in my opinion. Yes go girl!!!

    Oh, and by the way, I would've pointed out the fact that there is NOT such a word as learnt!!!!! "I hope you have learnt something from this experience, and will try to be nice without EXPECTING SOMETHING IN RETURN.

    By the way, loved your eye candy.

  5. Wow. Just wow. That comment was definitely overblown (Ramona's, not yours). I thought my comment could be a little harsh but that was just off the wall.

  6. Duke is absolutely beautiful! Smoochy smoochy, Duke. Now, to the comment. I don't understand negative comments, especially those that devolve into personal attacks. Ramona took a lot of time to comment so maybe she needs a hobby.

  7. BTW - that is a great photo and funny as well...

  8. Ann, you handled this perfectly and Duke's photo is hilarious. He should be on stage :)

  9. Duke is adorable.....if she had only looked at his picture before ranting on a blog she might have thought twice about sending out bad and negative karma. It will come back to her full circle.

    It is ok to disagree with you but to assume that Wade is being inappropriate is over the top.It is a case of the 'pot calling the kettle black' because she did not have all of the facts before making that assumption. It doesn't matter how many people have made comments to the clerk during her shift, if she can't handle it then she is in the wrong position.

    I think you handled it beautifully and with the right amount of humour.

    good on ya Ann

  10. Duke is the great mediator.

    Seriously. I think this Ramona needs to relax. Having a bad day does not give an excuse for bad behavior. Period.

    I like Duke's look.

  11. I know who this person's the gal that waited on you. Bwahahahahahaha. I think she forgot to take her medication. Talk about rude. You were right Ann, check your problems at the door when you arrive for work. She won't have this job long. Mark my words.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug and lots of scritches to my buddy Duke. :)

  12. I think one of the most objectionable parts of Ramona's comment was not including a way to reply.

    If you're gonna throw out your opinion, take ownership of it and include a link back for a response.

    I think you handled the situation with the cashier just fine. Eye contact, hello and a smile go along way.

    Duke's lookin' good!!

  13. Duke is such a cutie pie!

    I like that people can express their own opinions which is what you did about your experience. Hopefully now that all that is out, everyone can have a good day again! :)

  14. Wow! To say she over reacted is an understatement! I think you handled that comment perfectly, just like you handles the situation in Wal Mart!

  15. Was the cashier's name Ramona? In all seriousness, I believe you handled both the situation at Wal-Mart and your response to Ramona very well. For just ignoring such things is like letting toxic mold build up. Oh, and I found it rather curious that Ramona left an untraceable comment, or did you make it that way in order to save her some possible grief? Next time, let Duke tear into her!

  16. isn't he precious, must have been a good treat

  17. Hey! Go easy on Ramona, she could be hormonal and may have been in the middle of a hot flush!
    What made me smile was that after being so horrible she finishes off by saying 'be nice'.
    In fact almost everything she says is a contradiction of her own opinions. For example when she says: 'I sure hope when you have a bad day I'm around to see it, 'cause quite frankly I wouldn't give a damn! I mean if she wouldn't give a damn, why would she hope to be around to see it?
    I can't wait to read her next comment.

  18. "I hope you have learnt something from this experience, and will try to be nice without EXPECTING SOMETHING IN RETURN."

    Hahahahaaa.....omggggg....That (among others) REALLY got me! "be nice without EXPECTING SOMETHING IN RETURN."???????
    HEY!! HELLO RAMONA???? She EXPECTS GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE! If the gal at the checkout had a problem, she needed to either take a break OR GO HOME! The WorkPlace is for...uhhhh...WORK!
    In case you don't know what that means WORK! Smiling, running the register..helping and being polite to customers...
    NO DRAMA!!! You want to do "drama", GO HOME!
    There's Plenty of people who WANT THAT JOB!

    Sorry Ann! Un-Freaking-Believable! Damn whiners!

  19. Oh Ann, good job answering that silly unbalanced gal. She sure has some problems and guess she got her kicks out of commenting on your blog. I sure wouldn't worry about it since you were perfectly right. Sandee said it like it is. People like that are just unhappy.
    Hi there Duke, You are looking good. Give you Mom a big hug. She needs one.

  20. A bit hypocritical isn't she? I fully support you Ann. I worked in customer service for a long time and I would never treat a customer the way you were treated. Not even on my worst day. I put on a happy face, painted a smile on and pretended if I had to.

  21. Holy Cow.... I cannot believe that you got that comment... Does Ramona not know that you are also in the public relations business???? You obviously hit her hot buttons... Is this someone you know well? What is her problem --and why did she take it out on you.

    Your response to her is good... I'm proud of you. This is YOUR blog and YOUR opinion ---and if someone doesn't like it, then so be it...

    I find you to be a very honest, caring person who just expects people to give you the same courtesy that you would give them.

    Don't know if Ramona is in the USA or not --but I do know that selfishness, greed, laziness and not willing to work hard seems to be taking over our country... Kinda sad, isn't it?

    Hang in there --and keep on doing what you do...
    Lots of HUGS,

  22. Holy cow! that person must had a very bad day. you are so good with your responds.

  23. I'm with Donna. One hundred percent. Ramona needs a Xanax. I can't believe someone would have the nerve to leave a comment like that with no return address. If she felt that way, she should have owned it!! You rock Ann!

  24. Wow! I think Ramona was hard on you! I've worked with the public all my life and on days that I have problems or feel under the weather, I must realize that it is NOT my customer's fault. They don't deserve to be treated rudely.

    If she did indeed have a problem that day, she could have put it on the "back burner" while she was there and a simple little smile would have been nice. It probably would have made her feel better as well.

  25. I came back to see if Ramona commented. I didn't figure she would. Rage and leave. I just love those types. NOT!

  26. Gosh I don't know what to say - I think everyone covered it - but I wonder why someone would feel so strongly. Like do they work at Wal Mart and have gotten in trouble there - or something like that. Phew. sandie

  27. ....hmmm... don't you LOVE it when people are cutting you down, criticizing you, berating you for stating your opinion and they are telling you to 'be nice'... does anyone else see the oxymoron here? LOL!

    Kind of like FIGHTING for world

    And for the record - MY OPINION ONLY - if you are working with the public, you are being paid (albeit sometimes not enough) to smile, be courteous and to be helpful to the customer. Again, that's just my opinion!!! :)

    Wishing Ramona PEACE and HAPPINESS!

    xo Catherine

  28. Hello Ann,
    as a blogger, I often get hateful comments, and I want to commend you for the grace and dignity with which you dealt with the attack, without letting the attacker get away.

  29. You and I covered this in an email. I'm thinking Ramona was having a bad day and works in retail, maybe Wal-Mart...LOL!
    You handled this rather well!

  30. Wow, wow, wow. I missed out on a lot of posts while I was gone, so I am just now getting caught up.

    It is richly ironic that this person is admonishing you because she thought you jumped to conclusions, when she is guilty of admonishment. She needs a mirror. Badly. And I admire the reserve that you exercised in your responses.

    You work in a retail establishment, so you know first-hand what kind of lasting impression that a clerk can leave with a customer. I am one of those customers who mentally keeps track of businesses that appreciate my purchases. If I get bad service, I rarely go back. And sometimes I share my experiences (good and bad) with the management, via in person or by e-mail. It sounds like you raised your complaint in a civilized manner, and hopefully the manager was able to coach the employee to improve her customer relationship skills.

  31. Interesting comments!

    HOOTIN ANNI: May I suggest you buy a dictionary, or if you would like to save some money, you could always look up any words you’re unsure of on-line. For the record, there is such a word as "learnt." Just to help you out...

    learnt [lurnt] verb
    a simple past tense and past participle of learn.

    ANN: I do appreciate the invite to continue sharing my opinions. Thank you.

    SANDEE: You may joke in jest. You may want to come back and read other comments, like it’s a sideshow. Let me say this, I hope you never lose a loved one to suicide, because perhaps you will then know the damage remarks like yours and Ann's can do. The damage will have been done, and there won’t be a sideshow for you to watch.

    SANDEE, JEANNE PURSELL, DONNA and to any others who have made comments about Xanax and medications. They are there for good reason. Xanax is usually prescribed for sufferers of Anxiety - which is classed as a mental illness. You are doing everybody an injustice when you joke in this way about medications. Would you give out a big Bwahahahahahahah, to a cancer patient taking medication or someone suffering Multiple Sclerosis, or any other serious illness? Those are the sort of things that can lead to anxiety and depression. I know first hand, after receiving bad news from my doctor. So why laugh at those who need medications?

    JEANETTE, "To say she over reacted is an understatement." Would you say then that everyone who commits suicide over reacts? Something pushed them to the point of giving up.

    ANN: The problem is not with you. I don’t think your comment to the girl was warranted, if you think about it in the big scheme of things. My point being, if such a comment is said and heard by someone suffering a mental illness, it can be all it takes to push them over the edge. Think about it. How many times do we hear terrible stories in the news of people going on the rampage, arming themselves with guns, and shooting people?

    Nothing will ever justify their actions, but can't you see the bigger picture here? Everybody has a breaking point.

    DONNA, In my view, Ann got good service. She wasn't delayed in any way, she was able to purchase her goods quickly and efficiently. Was it really necessary for Ann to comment about the girl as she walked off?

    MARIE: Not everybody has a BLOG to link back for a response.

    CATHERINE: Thank you for wishing me PEACE and HAPPINESS! Your comment was very much appreciated. I also happen to agree with you. If you are working with the public, you should smile and be courteous. But sadly, we don’t live in a perfect world!

    SweetMarie: I don't work in Wal-Mart. Yes, I was having a "bad day," and on that day Ann's comment to the girl upset me more than any of you can or will ever understand.

    That's exactly my point, you don't know the damage that a mumbled unkind word can say, if heard, or blogged about. It just might be the straw that breaks the camels back. Just saying.

  32. Ramona, I don't normally respond to comments this way, I prefer to do it through email but since you have no way of contacting you this is it.
    The invitation was sincere. Everyone is welcome on my blog whether they agree with me or not.
    I assume from your comments to my readers that you have lost a loved one to suicide and for that I am very sorry.
    I will answer your question to Jeanette. Yes, if someone commits suicide, they did over react. We are all accountable for our actions no matter how extreme they may be. There is help for those who need it.
    As for my stand on how I handled the walmart situation, I'm sorry but I would do it again. My employer expects polite friendly employees and if he saw me acting the way this girl was I would have been reprimanded. I expect nothing less than what I give when I'm working.
    Now let me ask you, since you were so harsh in your original opinion of me, how do you know I'm not suffering from a form of mental illness and that your comment wouldn't push me over the edge? Perhaps I was the victim of rape, maybe I am in a verbally or physically abusive relationship and your negative words about me only reinforced my feelings of inadequacy .
    I'm not saying that mental illness is not a real problem but I think that it's over used and allows too many people to avoid taking responsibility. Sorry that's just the way I feel

  33. I don't have anything to apologize about. Rude is rude and using an excuse to be rude doesn't cut it. Ann is my friend and you nutted up on her Ramona. Of course I'm going to defend my friend, especially since you were wrong. Wrong and then some.

    Having a loved one commit suicide doesn't give you a license to admonish others. Plus how do you know what has happened or not happened in my life or anyone's life. You don't. You are rude. Period. Let me say that one more time. YOU ARE RUDE!

    Have a terrific day Ann. My best to Duke. :)


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