Monday, February 9, 2015

Project 365 week 5

Woo Hoo! Week 5 already. Only 47 more weeks to go.

2/1 A very snow filled driveway. One of many snow pictures that I've accumulated.

2/2 Another crafting day off.

2/3 This guy will follow me anywhere.

2/4 Icicles hanging off the front of the house. Ours are little compared to some I've seen

2/5 Another cereal box project.

2/6 reflection in the kitchen window. Standing around waiting for the car to warm up before I head off to work.

2/7 starting my day off very slow.


Duni said...

Scary looking icicles! Love the cereal box project! Stay warm this week, Ann :)

Ratty said...

The only icicle that hangs off the front of my house is always hanging from the porch light. I'm always afraid to break it off of there.

Christine said...

Really like your craft projects! Don't we all need some peace!
Have a good week!

Out on the prairie said...

Looks like you are ready for the new week.

MadSnapper said...

here's hoping those icicles melt soon and you will not have to wait for the car to warm up... love the slippers

Grace said...

Aww, look at Gibbs in his sweet sweater. I like the cereal box project (what is a cereal box project?)

Anonymous said...

I just finished my kleenes box project and made a Mini book. I have done the Cereal box's so thought why not try the Kleenex box, The large size. I used two boxes.
My Artzing blog I added my finished project. I made A.T.C tags as well to go into it.

Now This time.
My alternative as I have done sooooo many cereal boxes. Fun too.

So have fun today.

Connie said...

Love those slippers . . . they look so comfy & warm :)
It's good that you had a day to put your feet up and relax.
Keep smiling and stay warm,
Connie :)

Sandee said...

Except for the snow and icicles this could mostly be me too. Oh wait. I don't work, I don't do crafts and I don't have Gibbs. That last one is me. Yes, the house-shoes and my feet propped up. That's me.

Have a fabulous day. My best to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

Ginny Hartzler said...

YEAH, another weekly collage!!! LOVE the feet up and the reflection. But it seems that Gibbs is always my very favorite. He always looks just a bit mad.

Lin said...

It's always good when Gibbs is in the mix!

BeadedTail said...

Gibbs is so cute! What a precious little face! I just saw on the news today about people who steal cars warming up in the driveway so be careful! You put jeans on on your day off so you're one step ahead of me! I wear comfy lounge pants. :)

Marie said...

so you say he'll follow you like a puppy dog? :) lovely card/artwork!

Sharkbytes said...

Those slippers are perfect. The North Country Trail uses the slogan "the Red Plaid Nation," so if I wore slippers I'd have to steal those!

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