Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Church wisdom

I have another church sign for you today.

This one has a different saying on each side
The one side says this...

The other side says "Most smiles start with another smile". I'll buy that since I do agree that smiles are contagious. The problem is that there had to be one to start it all off with. So my question is "What started that first smile?"


  1. YOU DID you did it, made me smile so now it will spread where ever i go... smiles are contagious and so are grumpy people... Jake is our starter of smiles, we laugh all day long at our little clown dog.

  2. Way cool church sign. I always read them too. Some are very funny.

    Perhaps the first smile was someone reading a church sign? Could be.

    Have a fabulous day filled with smiles. Tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  3. Interesting question. Now I'll be pondering for awhile.

  4. Oh, everybody is being so nice about what made the first smile. I'm thinking it's something funny like an icy patch and everybody wiping out or something evil like that. ;)

  5. My first smile this morning was waking up and realizing that we still have electricity and that there is no more damage around here. We do have more ICE/SLEET/SNOW --but that's okay since we don't have anywhere to go today.. It's very slick out there.

    Love both quotes --and throughout this long winter and all of the storms, I TRY to keep a smile on my face. (HARD THOUGH. ha)


  6. Now there's a chicken or the egg question if I ever heard one!

  7. what was the line from Peter Pan? When the first baby smiled, the first fairy was born? Something like that


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