Friday, September 11, 2015

Back to the cards

After a few days off from the index cards I'm hoping you're ready for a few more of them.

The eyes on the guy in the picture look a bit creepy at the size I printed this at. When you see the regular size picture they don't look so evil.

This one got me to thinking what kind of chickens lay pickled eggs?

So very true.


  1. sadly my two sons took after their dad and their garden had zero common sense... so that one is my favorite. those eyes do look wicked, so maybe he is who deviled the eggs... he he he

  2. What kind of chickens lay pickled eggs? Why a soused chicken

  3. Yes he is more like a Halloween spectre! Still, very funny!

  4. They are all different but all fabulous!

  5. I love them all, but that first one made me laugh out loud.

    Have a fabulous day Ann. Big hugs to you and tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  6. I love these index cards of yours. Such fun to make, I bet and they surely are fun to see.

  7. A little bit of something for everyone here today.
    #1 Snarky
    #2 Funny
    #3 True words.

    Still waiting for "cutesy" from you.
    Good job on all of these.

  8. Stop in from Hootin annie. Your cards reminds me of Artist Trading Cards. Love the one about common sense.

    Coffee is on

  9. All are super. I LOVE these most of all your projects you share with us.

    The three this time are a hoot. Yes, evil eyes, but perfect for the card's captioning!! #3 is so very true.

    Keep 'em coming!!!

  10. What a card. I would like to have some common sense seed.

  11. LOL, these are all great yet again! And do drunk birds lay pickled eggs?!


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