Monday, September 21, 2015

Like the wind

Holy smokes, I can't believe I've breezed through two whole days of vacation already and I'm starting on number three. It's going to be over with before I know it.

I am enjoying it so far though. Saturday was the fair parade that goes right by my house.

Just a few highlights, keep in mind this is a really small town.

We had clowns

There were dogs. This guy was a real sweetheart. He came over to say hello and get a few ear scritches. Gibbs was not aware of this since he was locked up in the house. Had we taken him outside with us he would have barked the entire time and drove us all mad.

This guy looks pretty proud. I wonder if he's planning on running for office.

It's not every day you see a cow carrying a man down the street.

I had more pictures but this is all I'm going with this year. I totally missed taking any pictures of the band and there were very few horses or goats in the parade this year.


Ratty said...

That first dog makes me think of my uncle. He always used to have Saint Bernards like that. His were always some of the biggest dogs I've ever seen.

Duni said...

How fun to have the parade go right by your house! Lots of photo ops :)
The dogs are pretty cute!

Lin said...

That's fun! Especially when it goes right by the front of your house.

No photos of the band???! What??!

MadSnapper said...

oh my, i would have been totally Snap-Happy... love the dogs most of all.. i would vote for that proud guy for president, ask him to run... what a fun thing to do from home

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

I love living in a small town even tho St. Michaels is a tourist destination. After December it's just us locals here. Still lovin' all those cards you are making - happy creating and happy week ahead, K

Connie said...

How fun to have the parade go right by your house.
Have a sweet week and do some fun things with your time.
Connie :)

Sandee said...

How fun and I linked you to Awww Mondays for the pups. So adorable.

Have a fabulous day not being at work. Big hugs to you and tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

BeadedTail said...

It's pretty cool that the parade goes right by your house! My first dog when I was a baby was a St Bernard named Sally! The cow carrying the man is funny! Bummer Gibbs missed it all.

Grace said...

The humans in that parade are very afraid, be very afraid!

Out on the prairie said...

A laid back vacation it sounds

Unknown said...

I can see that the quality of your life has greatly diminished because of my online absence. Be assured that I am very sorry about this.

Christine said...

Well that was a fun parade!
Enjoy your vacation

Kathe W. said...

grrreat pics!

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