Monday, September 28, 2015

Last Day

I'm going to be feeling a bit sad today for tomorrow I must return to work. I know I won't be happy when I walk in there and see all I have to take care of (SIGH)

I think some index card art is called for
For this one I painted the card (can't recall what color) and when it dried I spread a thin layer of glue over the entire thing. Before the glue dried I painted it green. As it dries the glue layer causes the top paint layer to crack.  Pretty cool huh?

If anyone was wondering where I was yesterday, well I was right here napping. Saturday we had a wedding to go to. It was an hour and a half drive each way and the reception started at 6 pm. By the time we got home I was just too tired to work on scheduling a post. I got up late Sunday and decided that a day off from everything was called for.


  1. Enjoy your last day off, Ann (and don't think too much about tomorrow). Great artwork! Love the crackle effect!

    p.s. thanks for your comment on my MM post - it was weird that Blogger decided to post it on Saturday ;-)

  2. Never knew about that crackle .It is hard to think about giving up free time and going back I am sure.

  3. i love the cracked paint and all three of the quotes. my favorite is the last, i often wonder if things i hate that over love, if they are lying or not...

  4. Love the bright colors! I like the saying on the last one - I seem to dislike everything everyone else does like.

  5. I love the cards, but the snarky sayings are the very best. Yes that's the best.

    Sorry you have to return to work tomorrow. I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation though.

    Have a terrific last day off. Big hugs to you and tons of scritches for Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  6. Hope you get through work today! Love the effect on the first card and the sayings!

  7. Hope you enjoy your last day off! Hopefully work won't be as bad as you expect when you go back tomorrow.

  8. I am sorry that you have to go back to work, but if it can slow down your craftiness, methinks it is for the best. We'll be expecting a full report from Gibbs soon.

  9. I love all those card quotes [if you will] and everyone needs a down day especially if it was your last vacation day. Hope you're having a good week so far - k

  10. I always enjoy your thoughts ---and those index cards have some really good messages for ALL of us... It's kinda like: Don't try to get the speck out of your neighbor's eye before you get it out of your own eye FIRST.

    Sounds like you had a busy day yesterday.. I don't blame you for not blogging...

    Hope 'work' is nice to you!!!!

  11. I LOVE the first one and the technique! Makes it look old and I like that. Ouch - vacation went fast - have a good day back!

  12. I love the cards and I can't pick a favorite :)
    I would never have thought of pouring glue all over them like that... your very clever and creative!


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