Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I got peanutized at

OK so it really doesn't look like me at all but it helped me to avoid doing other things like washing dishes.

Yesterday when I was out and about I happened to be driving down a country road that had no traffic and a beautiful view. I pulled over and took a picture.

When I got home I cropped it and played with it and now I like it even more

I think today I shall play in my craft room all day


Unknown said...

Isn't it about time for Gibbs to publish a new report?

Duni said...

I should be working, but I had to peanutize myself first ;-)
The photo is beautiful!

Out on the prairie said...

Have to see what I look like. You didn't introduce Gibbs to Snoopy?

MadSnapper said...

i think the peanut you is adorable.. and i would have stopped to. i don't get to see sights like that barn here.

Christine said...

Yay yay for a craft play day! I love what you did with the photo which is a pretty snap shot!

Grace said...

I peanutized myself too - so fun. You look good. And the edited photo is nice as well. Have fun playing today; looking forward to see what results.

Sandee said...

I think you're going to have a fabulous day in your craft room. Go for it, you're on vacation.

Have a fabulous day. Big hugs to you and ton of scritches for Gibbs. ♥♥♥

BeadedTail said...

I wanna play in a craft room too!

crafty cat corner said...

It's always good to read about others who like to play about in the craft area. I feel a bit guilty sometimes, especially if nothing productive comes out of the day but I just love being amongst the paper, fabric, wool etc. I don't actually know of anyone else like me except on the blogs.

Donna said...

Just Beautiful!
Looks like you're enjoying that vacation Girlie!

Lin said...

I Peanutized myself too. Couldn't resist. Although I should just post a picture of Lucy--everyone says I am just like her.

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