Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Well isn't that annoying

Little things that I find annoying....

I've been wanting a new Christmas tree and when I went to look, the one tree I liked they didn't have.

This is the tree I've had for quite a while. This is also an old picture.  The tree is still in good shape I've just been wanting something smaller.

Another thing that I find annoying is the last time my phone did a system update it changed the photo editing format. All the old photo editing tricks I used to love are gone. Now all it has is about 12 one click options and you can't even adjust those. Why did they have to fix something that wasn't broken?


  1. Wow, this is a beautiful tree, and the perfect size! It is beautifully adorned. Any time I really like anything, they CHANGE it. And usually not for the better either. They say it is to get the newest kind, but usually the newer product is inferior to the old one, and they change it to save money.

  2. My annoyance at the moment is a black tab that keeps shooting out from the side of the screen with various messages on, I don't know how to get rid of the b thing. Any ideas?

  3. You were suppose to buy online yesterday. LOL May be a way to get that tree.

  4. it is all the little things that are the most annoying to me, I can handle big things better than daily little things. download superphoto app on your phone, it is free. maybe they hid the app in another place.

  5. We're tree-less every year! We have cats ;-)

  6. I'm not good with change, especially with things like my cell phone. :)

  7. I really love your tree but can understand you wanting a smaller one. We had a 9-1/2' tree [pre-westies] and when the westies came along I only put up the top section since it came in two parts.

    Have a great holiday season ... Katie

  8. I've been fighting that battle with technology for over t40 years...I still miss IBM computers and programs.

  9. I really really like the size of your Christmas tree but its annoying not to be able to get what you want and i detest updates like that and unnecessary changes are made!

  10. I've always wondered why they have to fix things that work just fine too. Whatever.

    We don't have any decorations anymore. All gone. It's too much work and since we don't do Christmas here anymore why go to all that work. Also hubby isn't allowed on the roof anymore. It's all good.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hug to you and tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  11. Updates are supposed to make things better but I find that happens rarely. It's frustrating. As for the tree, your's is pretty! I think we'll have one this year if we find time to go get it! We haven't had one in several years because we usually travel in December and time gets away from us. We get a real tree since there are Christmas tree farms pretty much everywhere here in Oregon. One less thing to store too.

  12. I refuse to update my phone!!! Why? Because I know that is what would happen, like what happened to yours after your update. I agree...at least give you an option of declining any software updates you DON'T want changed.

    Beautiful Tree....looks humongous.

  13. That is a gorgeous tree. We hate change too. They just did some changes on Blogger. It just drives me nuts. Hope you can find another tree. Don't know if we are going to have a tree or not.

  14. Ann, your tree is beautiful!
    Don't get me started on phone problems . . .
    I am in the middle of going to a new provider.
    My phone was messing up and the support tech told me to reset it, which took it back to new phone. I lost all my contacts, photos,
    and after doing it, the phone wouldn't even let me call out.
    If it weren't for my husband insisting that I have a cell phone,
    I would give it up and go back to a landline.

  15. Ugh. I hate when they "fix" things and then you can't do the things you used to. :(

    I like your tree...although if you want a tree...it is best to look in August. Seriously. That is when there are the best selections.

  16. Pretty tree! I have downsized my tree a few years back. Hope you can find what you want. Oh, when changes are made that don't work... frustrating.

  17. Yes, the little things will drive you quite mad, like the 'improvements' they made on Blogger, argh! Deb xo


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