Thursday, March 16, 2017

I hope that's the end

If you read my post yesterday it was pretty obvious that we got that winter storm I was talking about. I don't know the total accumulation but it was more than enough. Not only was it snowing like crazy but the winds were something else as well. I'm so ready to move in to spring.

This was taken out my living room window while it was coming down.

Oh and that truck from yesterday's post was gone when I got to work yesterday morning. I don't know how he got out but I sure wish I could have watched that.


  1. I would LOVED to have seen that guy with his truck!!!

    I know you are weary of the snow and wind. I hope temps begin to warm up for you now. Have a nice weekend, Ann.

  2. phooey, i was hoping to see how he got that truck out.. this scene is beautiful but that is because it is your window not mine... hope it leaves you soon and spring springs quickly

  3. Oh just look at all that snow. We are all wondering just how he got that truck out and will it be back there some day????

  4. I like the serenity of that photo and it's starkness. DId you shoot in b/w, transpose it, or did it just come out that way?

  5. We got it too Ann! A LOT of snow! Parts of NY got four feet! We actually got our Jeep stuck in the driveway because there was a three foot drift we were trying to get through! I sure hope it is done for the season!

  6. Yikes! I'm so glad I don't live in snow country. I hope spring shows up soon.

    I would have loved to watch the truck guy too. Bet he was as unhappy as all of you were.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hug to you and lots of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  7. that's a lot of snow!! can Gibbs walk through it??
    I would have loved to see how the guy moved his truck. I guess now you can look for where he parks it in the future. lol see if he learned a lesson. :)

  8. Ours melted fast, but you got a nice coating

  9. More than enough...hope it melts away quickly!

  10. The snow looks peaceful and pretty but I'm ready for spring too!

  11. Pretty! At least from my dry, warm room!!

    So, I even had to tell Bud about the truck being plowed in!! Now, I'm curious, and I hope you update us on the parking thief...will he continue to park there y'wonder?

  12. Gorgeous.... I love seeing snow like that --even though I know you are sick and tired of it... We just ever get much snow.... Guess we need to swap houses!!! ha

    YES---I would have loved seeing that guy dig his truck out... ha



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