Thursday, March 9, 2017

When in doubt

Go with your ace in the hole

I came across a post on facebook yesterday. It was What not to wear after age 50.
 This was not what I was expecting but it was even better. It is definitely worth the read if you've got a couple of minutes.


  1. I loved this article! Yes, by the time we are this old, we should know what we can and cannot wear. You should start a weekly column "Ask Gibbs".

  2. Gibbs looks so wise & very trustworthy!

  3. Gibbs is a handsome fellow and he knows just what to wear. I had seen that article too but didn't read it until now. Good advice.

  4. Fun article. Gibbs is sweet as can be.
    Hope you have a nice day.

  5. I love the article and agree with almost all of it... love the part about do what we want wear what we want...

  6. I agree, you can never go wrong with a picture of Gibbs.

    Have a fabulous day, Ann. Big hug to you and lots of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  7. I like Ginny's idea of giving Gibbs a weekly column :)
    Thoughts from a dog's point of view.

  8. So Gibbs hasn't figured out the big camera yet? May he never...Great photo.

  9. LOL....
    Rose colored glasses...and smoking something for days? Okay....

    Then, I agree, wear whatever you dam well please AT any age.

    Oh, and I like Ginny's hint..."Ask Gibbs".

    ps...I remember once my daughter told me to wear stuff for my age [I embarrassed her with her peers she has two boys telling her the same] Aha!! What goes around comes around.

  10. Hi Gibbs, good to see you. Great picture of you. Glad they said, that those over 50 could wear what ever they want since that is exactly what I do.

  11. I've missed Gibbs! I've been sick with sinus issues. Anyway, Always good to see Gibbs. :)
    I'm pretty much a classic dresser. I don't worry about trends, if I like it I wear it. If someone doesn't like what I'm wearing they can look away and get a life. :P lmao

  12. I LOVE this article. I actually made hard copies and have given them to a few friends.


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