Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The cost of stupidity

Over the years there have been plenty of people who have used our parking lot at work to meet for the purposes of car pooling. It's never been a problem and people either park to the back of the parking lot or the area designated for employee parking.

There is one individual who isn't too bright or maybe just doesn't care. He has a couple times, parked his truck in a direct line down from our loading dock doors. I'm pretty sure they have left notes on his windshield that he is not permitted to park there and told him why.

Well yesterday we got that snow storm that we were expecting and when I get to work there is his truck. No delivery trucks will be able to back up to the door because of where he's parked. I was standing on the dock and took this picture straight out the door.  Notice the semi which is unable to back up to the door to unload. You may also notice how high the snow appears to be around his truck. That would be because my boss gave the go ahead to the people who plow the parking lot to plow him in. This may seem rather cruel but he could have had him towed instead.

In this one I drew a yellow line so you could see how high up the snow is in front of and in back of the truck.

Now lets go around to the drivers side of the truck and see how much fun the guys plowing had

I wish I could have been there to see the look on this guys face when he came to pick up his truck.  If he's got an ounce of brains he'll remember this and not park there in the future.


  1. YES! Serves him right. But let's just hope he's not too dumb to take the hint.

  2. How funny!!! I am lovin' this. I swear each day there are more and MORE idiots behind the wheel. Being that's it's 'private' property of the store, could the manager call the police and have the truck impounded and ticketed? If it comes to "No Parking" being painted on the parking lot...well, this just has to cease!!

    Get a tow chain...use a semi....move it blocks away while he's something. lol

    But I still love what the parking lot attendants did with their plow.

  3. hope he learns a lesson, I would have had that puppy towed the first time he did it. some people have to learn the hard way. your boss must have a good sense of humor. but how do they get their stuff in the store? great post..

  4. That is funny. Wouldn't have liked to have seen that guy's face when he saw his truc.

  5. Serves him right. I hope he is smart enough to figure out the hint!

  6. Haha, that is funny! Hope he knows why...

  7. I can see parking there if you don't know any better, but after receiving a notice he doesn't have any excuse. I think plowing him in was a kindness, after all it cost your business in not getting a delivery that you needed. He was blessed that your boss didn't have him towed a way.

  8. I don't understand people like this driver. he's lucky his truck wasn't towed. people are dumb, stubborn or just don't give a hoot. lol great pics! your manager has a great sense of humor. :)

  9. If this guy is a serial offender I don't think a 'hint' is going to do it - getting his truck towed and costing him money - THAT might make a dent in in his arrogance. What is going to be done in the Spring or Summer or Fall when he pulls this same s**t?

  10. Some folks amaze me. It's all about them and no one else. Bless his heart. I love what you did with all that snow.

    I would tell him that if he parks there again expect to be towed. That should do the trick.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  11. Some people just have to learn the hard way - and I just wonder if he'll learn this lesson well!

  12. Hope he learns but I'm guessing he won't. How do you get deliveries when that truck is there? He should be towed!


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