Saturday, July 8, 2017

For lack of something better

I had nothing for today. Not only did I not have any  material, I didn't even have the motivation to. I turned to the take a word challenge blog for a theme which was summer flowers. Next stop was my favorite site for free pictures. Then it was off to photoshop elements to put it all together.

I'm pretty sure I could have done better but this will work for now.


  1. I love it, and the colors are beautiful. Whenever you say you have nothing, you usually have something wonderful.

  2. Pretty. I need to get back on my big computer and play around with my pics. I have my fav program loaded to that. Just never loaded it to my laptop....duh

  3. It works! love it. like Ginny I love the colors... create on .. your fans are waiting

  4. That is so sweet ... I think you should go into the greeting card business!

  5. Very pretty - you did well for a slow day :-)

  6. It is very sweet. I admire you and Sandra and your photo editing abilities.


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