Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Monday I downloaded a free cutting file for a really cute Easter card. I spent Monday morning working on cutting it out then putting it together. I was quite excited about having something to use for a blog post.

Apparently I was more excited about getting it in the envelope and putting it in the mail because it wasn't until after the card was in the envelope and all sealed that I remembered I wanted to take pictures of it first.

I have a picture of the envelope though

Just to show you what the card is supposed to look like I borrowed the picture from the Dreaming tree website. I used different papers in mine but you get the general idea.

Update on my doctors appointment.
The tech who did my breathing test yesterday said that everything looked normal but the doctor still had to analyze it. I have to call my doctor some time today to get the results.
I want to thank Joan for introducing me to a friend of hers on facebook who mentioned MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) After doing a little bit of research it really sounds like what my problem is. I'll be sure to take the information I found to my next doctors appointment and discuss the possibilities.


  1. Seems like you did O.K. on the test? Let us know what the doctor says, and now you have this new info for him! The card is so cute!

  2. Love the bunny card, ha ha on the envelope pic... that is so ME. thanks for passing on the info because i think that is my problem to and will take it to the ENT on Monday...

  3. That is a really cute card! Hope you figure the breathing stuff out. I live on the borders of anything serious. Some smells really make me ill, or sneezy and drippy. But so far, there don't seem to be any damaging effects.

  4. Bunny card is adorable... Hope you figure out what is going soon.

  5. I can wear a hint of lotion to my mom's and she can't stand it. The only things that bother me are floral scents. I hope you have good results from your test. I can't believe that people wear some of those wild, strong scents and go out for others to smell it.

  6. I bet your card was even nicer than that one!

  7. I love your crafts. A. Lot.

    I hope you can find some relief from all the stinky perfume and there's a lot of stinky stuff out there. I hate going through the perfume department at Macy's. Awful.

    Have a fabulous day, Ann. Big hug to you and tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  8. I bet your card was cute too! The envelope is nice!

    I hope the Dr finds out what's going on so you can get better. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this especially if it is a result of perfume. That's awful. :(

  9. Well, the imagined card is AMAZING! ;)

    This may take you doing some legwork for your own health, but I am confident there are others out there like you and you will find a solution.


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