Friday, March 30, 2018

The bunny brigade.

The bunny brigade will be heading to work with me to give to those who work in my area. These were cut with my Cricut machine using another free file. This one came from SVG cuts

Magicians pull a rabbit out of a hat but I pull mine out of my Cricut machine.

Bunnies come in a rainbow of colors too.  If I would have had some brown paper I could have made some chocolate bunnies.

I don't know if you would call these a bag or a box but there's room to slip a little bit of candy inside.

An update on my doctors appointment. Tuesday was the appointment and they said to call my doctor on Wednesday to get results. Wednesday I call my doctor, they aren't there that day. I called again on Thursday and she said she hadn't gone through everything that came in yet and I said I would call back later. When I got home from work I called again and she said she went through everything and there was nothing there for me. I called the doctors office who did the test and after checking she said it would be on it's way right then. I gave it a half hour and called my doctors office back. She said yes it was there and didn't say anything else. So I ask, do you need me to call back tomorrow. Her reply was yes, we're here until noon.  Who knew it could be such a hassle to get test results. 


  1. You are a sweet coworker and those bunnies are adorable.

  2. Your bags are cute as can be for Easter!
    It is terribly frustrating to be sick and waiting for test results and no one seems to get in a hurry!

  3. These bunnies are so darn cute!
    Nowadays the medical system seems terribly inefficient and one can only hope that the runaround suggests there is not a pressing issue with the test results.
    Enjoy the Easter weekend. ^^

  4. OMG - those are just too wonderful, googly eyes and all!

    Medical facilities around here are too efficient - I get an email notice as soon as my test results are posted to my patient portal - usually within 48 hours and I sometimes see them before my doctor!

  5. LOVE the bunnies, can't even pick a favorite color.. perfect for taking to work... this doesn't surpise me at all about the doc office chaos, we went through things like this with all of bob's health issues this past year. things are as crazy in there offices as in your deli...

  6. Those are most adorable. So cute. you're having fun with your new machine. Good for you.

    I hope you get your results soon. It's such a hassle at times getting the answers you want.

    Have a fabulous day and a very Happy Easter. Big hug to you and tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  7. The boxes are adorable!
    I have noticed a change in my doctor's offices. They are not what they use to be. All this modern technology hasn't helped.

  8. Oh those are so adorable! You're so thoughtful!

    I hope you got your results today. What a pain in the patooty!

  9. Those bunnies are adorable!!! Love the way they turned out! My test results come usually within 24 hours...and I get a text when they are ready!

  10. Aw... those are really cute. Hmmm. I have little faith in the med community and this isn't helping my opinion.


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