Monday, September 10, 2012

Meet my other friends Monday

This will (I hope) become a regular Monday thing. I'll be sending out a few questions to my blog pals and if you respond they will be featured as my meet my friends Monday post. You could be next.

To start this off my friend Sandra from Mad Snapper graciously answered my little questionnaire.
1) How long have you been blogging and what made you start?
I created my first blog on 8/28/08 because my friend Bev had started a blog and sent me the link. I thought what is a blog? I created that post and did not touch the blog until 9 months later on 5/29/09. for the rest of the year I created just a few. Then on 9/29/09 Ginny from Let Your Light Shine wrote on my post, and after that we became friends and one thing led to another and now I post almost every day. I am addicted to blogging.
2) What is one piece of advice you would give to a new blogger?
think carefully before you click follow, don’t get caught up in following every blog that comments on yours, because blogging can become a job, when you try to keep up with to many blogs. Follow the ones you love the most. The best thing about blogging is the relationships we build, or it is to me.
3) Do you have any hobbies or special talents?
is Talking to much a talent? if so I have one. LOL... my number one hobby is reading. I love to read, fiction only and average 5 books every two weeks.  if loving 4 legged animals is a talent or hobby, then I count that. Photography I love.
4) Of course you love all the blogs you visit but share a link to one of those and tell us why we should check it out.
If you look at my sidebar you will see all my favorites and I hate to pick a blog because there are so many that I love love love.... but since you say so.... I recently found a blog that makes me smile and laugh and feel good every time I go there.
the name is The 7MSN Ranch and if you love 4 legged critters, this is a must follow,  
5) What is the one things that totally makes you crazy?
My husband..... JUST KIDDING, well maybe not..... I do have many pet peeves, but the on that comes to mind is People who point out others faults and constantly make fun of others. makes me crazy
6) Give one random though.
since I just thought of one other thing that makes me crazy, I will put it here since all my thoughts are random.
POLITICS are making me CRAZY


  1. What a neat idea Ann! Now I'm off to visit Sandra!!

  2. This is a wonderful idea Ann and it will be great to meet some other friends that you share your blog with. x

  3. Wonderful idea. Will be watching closely and finding many new friends, I'm sure!

  4. Monday September 10, 2012
    Dear Ann,
    This is a good idea to share your blogging friends!
    Thanks for visiting and reading my ongoing stories for RFW.
    Best wishes & hugs,

  5. How lovely to read about your blogfriend Sandra! We have two things in common: starting our blogs in 2008 and loving animals :)

  6. Yup, fun idea...and generous to feature other bloggers.

  7. oooooh i love your freind today, she is just like ME...ha ha ho ho he he... and cute to... heh heh heh

  8. This is a super idea....kinda like 'meet the press'...interviewing bloggers. Great concept. And I enjoyed reading her answers [especially the 'husband' ones. rofl]

  9. This is a fantastic idea! I just love Sandra! Her comment today has made me laugh!

  10. Great idea, my friend! The Mad Snapper is AWESOME!

  11. What a great idea! Sandra's got a great picture too!

  12. Was nice to hear about Sandra - I love that madsnapper! You too.

  13. How fun and #5 are just bullies. Politics makes everyone crazy.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  14. I love this idea! Hopefully this'll be a regular feature...or at least a feature every few weeks (you know, so you don't run out of bloggers to introduce!)

  15. Great idea for a feature! It's always interesting to learn about new bloggers.

  16. It's fun to meet your blogging friends! I certainly love 4 legged critters too! Well, as long as they have fur. :)

  17. Love this idea! It was great meeting Sandra!

  18. Sounds like a plan! Did it get the Duke Seal of Approval?

  19. I love this idea, Ann.... YEAH!!!!!! Sandra is one of my best buds online... I LOVE her answer about following others' blogs. Be selective --and ONLY follow the blogs you truly want to comment on...


  20. This is great! Love the questions and Sandra's answers are perfect.... except she says don't follow too many blogs and then goes and gives us another great one! LOL. Gonna have to tease her about that one. Thanks for sharing - both of you! :)


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