Monday, September 24, 2012

Meet my other friends Monday

This will (I hope) become a regular Monday thing. I'll be sending out a few questions to my blog pals and if you respond they will be featured as my meet my friends Monday post. You could be next.

Today's friend is Diane from Dish or you may know her as The Blue Ridge Gal

Before I turn it over to Diane I decided that I should be telling you why I like the bloggers I'm featuring. So that's what I'm a gonna do. I've enjoyed Diane's blog from the first time I visited. Not only do I love her sense of humor but she tells it like it is. One can not help falling in love with her two adorable furry side kicks either. Rowdy and Izzy add to the reading pleasure when you visit.

So take it away Diane.

1) How long have you been blogging and what made you start? 
September, 24th. What a fabulous day, and it's the 4th anniversary of my blog which I did my first post in 2008. Time flies when you're blogging and making friends. It's been through a few 'blog name' changes, but as for the fodder, well... it's stayed quite the same. I started blogging to get rich and still wondering when that will happen. Oh, you too? Let's not hold our breath okay?

2)What is the one piece of advice you would give to a new blogger?  I'm great at giving advice to new bloggers. Here's a few tidbits of what I've learned. Don't put music on your blog. No one listens to it but you and many find it to be, well, not annoying, but distracting while reading your words, so just get rid of it. Also, don't have a header that takes up the entire page and takes forever to load on someone else's computer, and also make your print large enough so we older folks don't always have to hit our 'view and enlarge' button. Once again. Keeping the print small is only about you and your blog needs to be about what makes things easy for your readers... Oh, I could go on, but enough blather.

3)Do you have any hobbies or special talents? 
 My hobby is blogging and also photography. I'm probably not an A+ student at either one, but most bloggers aren't. We're just here to meet one another and accompany one another on life's journey.

4)Of course you love all the blogs you visit but share a link to one of those and tell us why we should check it out 
OH MY! I have a lot of secret blogs I visit every day! Do you suppose I should reveal a favorite? Nope.... but you can visit the sidebar of my blog to find some great reads by wonderful bloggers.

5)What is one thing that totally makes you crazy?
  One thing that makes me crazy? When the dogs come in the house wet from the rain and let go with a HUGE shake and ooops, there goes the walls, the floors, my clothing. Can't they wait a second til I dry them off?

6)Give us one random thought. 
 Random thought. Umm, that's rather scary to reveal since then you really WILL know how weird I am.


  1. Lovely to meet you's very obvious form your answers that you are a fun loving person and I can see why Ann enjoys your blog so much!!

  2. Hi there Diane. Your blog sounds terrific and we sure will come visit you. I totally agree with you on all the good things about blogs. Take care Ann and have a great week.

  3. Nice to meet you Diane :) Enjoy your day!

  4. So nice to read about Diane! Love her humor, her dogs and her house!

  5. She sounds like a character, LOL! I'm going over for a visit...

  6. same problem here with the crazy shaking of wet dogs, and i agree with all the advice but did not have the guts to say it when i was asked. nice meeting you and I love your dogs

  7. Thanks for this interview!!! I agree with her about the music!!

  8. Nice reading about Diane. I totally agree with her about don't add music to our blog.

  9. Nice to meet you Diane and I laughed out loud with the dog waiting for the best time (worst for you) to shake all that water off. They do it every time too.

    Have a terrific day Ann. My best to Duke. :)

  10. I enjoyed getting to meet Diane! She has some great tips for bloggers.

  11. It was fun to meet Diane! I think it's a dog rule that they must shake just at the right time to get it everywhere!

  12. LOL...I must say that the 'sign says' post below this is truly a, how do you like 'them thar apples?'

    As for your guest blogger today she sounds like she's a very sensible blogger!!! But there is one thing that I kinda disagree with, for the fact that I blog just for pleasure of it ---and my style is my style. Y'know? Other than that...wet walls and all...she is giving us bloggers a run for the money.

    Oh ya, by the way, I have gone through two rolls of toilet paper and lots of jute, but I can't seem to get mine as pretty and decorative as yours ===aside from road apples and toilet paper, my pumpkin isn't pretty!!! Today, I give up.

  13. I do read her blog and she is really a nice gal!

  14. Great to meet Diane. I'm off to check her blog. Nice timing too, with the death of Entrecard.

  15. A wonderful interview. Things like this are always fun to read.

  16. Diane's a hoot! I can see why you like her!

  17. I will definitely have to go check her out. I'm looking for a few good blogs.

  18. It was a pleasure to meet your friend Diane. I wish you well with your Monday blog venture.:)


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