Monday, December 10, 2012

Meet my other friends Monday

Monday's are so much easier to deal with when I have a little help from my friends. Since I think I've got the greatest friends on earth I want to share them with everyone. Monday's are dedicated to the best bloggers I know, my pals. You could be next.

This week we'll be visiting with Lorraine from With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart. I found Lorraine's blog a few years back when I came across a video for a paper folded German star tutorial. I was taken instantly with the sights on her blog. She cooks, bakes, and creates some amazing things and her photography skills are superb. She's a warm hearted blogger who welcomes you into her home and shares her beautiful family with you. I'm sure that you will enjoy her blog as much as I do.
Duke said we should snag a picture of the handsome Raider to go along with the post.
Now I'll turn you over to Lorraine

1) How long have you been blogging and what made you start?

This week will be my 4th blogging anniversary and I have enjoyed blogging way more than I ever thought I would. Of course, the creative ideas shared are so inspiring but the friendship and encouragement with other bloggers is especially dear. I began blogging when I saw my long-time friend, Phyllis’s blog and thought I too would like a place to record the activities and happenings of our family. I never thought others would have the slightest interest.

2) What is one piece of advice you would give to a new blogger?

Blog for yourself. Make your blog about the things that matter most to you and you will not grow bored or stressed. Find balance in the amount of time spent blogging. I am still working on balance myself. If you know me, you know I am not the most frequent commenter. I wish I could do better but family and living doesn’t leave as much time as I would like and often I feel guilty about it.

3) Do you have any hobbies or special talents?

I have so many ideas and projects floating around in my head I could use an extra life to accomplish all of them. I find great joy in baking and cooking and think it is one of the ways I show love to others. I enjoy crocheting and knitting especially for my grandchildren. (I have 10 of them, ages 15 years to 7 months)

4) Of course you love all the blogs you visit but share a link to one of those and tell us why we should check it out.

It is true, I love all of the blogs I visit and each is unique and special. Recently I came across a blog called Dog Shaming that is just sheer fun and almost always makes me smile at the sweet faces of guilty canines, gasp at some of the messes they make, grimace at some of the nasty things they do and thank my little schnauzer that he doesn’t behave so badly. If, like me, you occasionally want to spend a few moments zoning out from all the responsibilities of the day, check out DogShaming.

On a more serious side, the very first blog I followed is about the journey of a young woman with CF (Cystic Fibrosis) written by her husband. Tricia lived in our area and she and her family went to our church before relocating to the Outer Banks. Her story of a double lung transplant, pregnancy, birth of a tiny baby girl (born 15 weeks early, weighing just 1lb 6oz) and faith are amazing. This sweet girl is currently in need of another double lung transplant. The blog is Confessions of a CF Husband.

5) What is the one things that totally makes you crazy?

Using a hot glue gun. If I do manage not to burn myself, I feel like those sticky, almost invisible strings are impossible to get rid of.

6) Give one random thought.

How about a quote from Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol “God bless us, every one!”


  1. Lorraine is one super lady! Nice to read about her and I am off to check out her blog.

  2. Thank you, Ann, for your kind words and the feature. Raider thanks Duke too!

  3. Much, much delight on this post. I will have to go and stop by to say hello. As for the "German Paper Stars" I remember making those in school...making the points and dipping them in paraffin wax to add glitter...oh what a memory.

  4. happy to meet another friend of yours, will pop over to see her. since i love dogs above all else, i popped over to dogshaming and could ad a lot to the list...

  5. I for one love her lime green walls. I really do. She has a lovely home.

    Have a terrific day Ann. My best to Duke. :)

  6. I can see why you like her - nice lady and a lot of the same hobbies. And her dog is a cutie like Duke. sandie

  7. Nice to meet you! My, you have some awesome friends!

  8. She has some really great ideas about blogging! I feel a kindred spirit as Ella has CF.

  9. Raider is very handsome! Lorraine has great advice for a new blogger and some of us not so new ones too.

  10. Thanks for the intro. I'm off to check her out.

  11. She sounds like a super person. We sure will check out her blog. That was a great interview. Have a great evening.

  12. It was great meeting Lorraine and Raider! Cool name for a handsome dog!


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