Saturday, December 22, 2012

There's a new kid in town

I've had the Alan Jackson Christmas CD playing in my car the last few days and since these songs have been stuck in my head I figured I may as well share them.
I'll try to come up with something different tomorrow but I'm not promising anything. I'll be sticking close to home for the weekend since we are getting snowed on. If I get bored there's no telling what I might end up doing.

The song today is There's a new kid in town


  1. What a gorgeous picture! It is supposed to snow flurry here tomorrow, too.

  2. Lovely photo. My husband and I did a Country Christmas cd a few years ago - country does Christmas well...

  3. Hi Ann, just been catching up after a long absence. I too have been listening to Christmas music to get me in the mood.

    Cant believe you have snow. I don't really like snow but I think I would prefer to the grey rainy day we have outside right now.

    I bet Wade's bat-cave smells great with that Christmas tree in.

    How are you enjoying your new sewing/embroidery machine?? If you get snowed in you will have plenty of time to play with it!

    Love the 'procrastinating' post...I will have to give it a try and see if my photos come out looking anything as good as yours!!

    Loving the look of your Christmassy blog and also I have enjoyed sharing your Christmas decorations with you. You sure do have a lot of decorations around...I bet children love visiting you over the holiday!!

    Anyway I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. x

  4. That is such a pretty ornament Ann. And that song is terrific. I haven't heard that before and like it and like the video too. Hope you have a great week end with not a lot of snow.

  5. someone asked on their blog last week what was my favorite Christmas song, and this is the one i put. I love this song and no one better to sing it than that cross

  6. Very nice.... I like Alan Jackson. My fav Christmas song of his is "Let it be Christmas".... Know that one?

    Merry Christmas.

  7. I have that album too - love it. I wonder if you got any snow?

  8. Always happy with that new kid.I was hopping around my cable music and finding a great variety of tunes.

  9. Love the video. Love the photograph too. We're having a storm go through our area too, but no snow. Thank goodness.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  10. Around 20 years ago, a very nice lady in Cumming, Georgia told me that I looked like Alan Jackson to her. When I look into the mirror now, I wonder what happened. Sigh.

  11. Happy Christmas Ann, Wade and Duke. Duke is last, but he is not least.

  12. We just heard that song for the first time last night when Blake Shelton sang it on his Christmas special. I like Alan's version too. Hope you don't get too snowed in!

  13. These songs are so soothing and pretty! Whoever that lady is I love her voice.


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