Sunday, December 16, 2012

Procrastination 101

Today we will be discussing how to procrastinate. It’s really a quite simple task and can be accomplished in an infinite number of ways. My chosen method was with a camera.
While sitting in front of a lit Christmas tree, simply point the camera at the subject and move said camera up and down while snapping the picture
light play
Now that you have accomplished that you can try some more advanced moves. For example there are large circles
light play2
or small circles
light play3
If you still feel that you need more practice with procrastinating feel free to load your pictures into your favorite editing program and just see how much time you can waste how quickly your procrastinating skills will improve.

This lesson is being provided free of charge. If you feel you need more instruction please feel free to contact me.

I tried something different with today's post. I'm using Window's Live Writer for the first time. I'm not sure if I like doing it this way or not. I'll have to give it a few days.


  1. These are actually pretty cool pictures Ann!! You have no idea how much time I spend on photo editing! But I love it!! Especially with all the cool apps out nowadays!! I tried Windows Live a couple of is ok, but it just seems easier for me to do it the regular way...

  2. Wow! I will certainly try that out, the pictures looks so cool. Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. is that what i was doing for the past half hour, at 6 am I put the monopod on the camera and 'procrastinated" for about 40 plus shots, all aimed at the trees, only not moving but tryig to NOT move... same but different... LOL LOL and it did make a great texture. the second up from the bottom is really cool. i have not see that so now i may have to do the P word again.... thanks for reminding me of what i am doing. i did a couple of post from live write and was not to impressed, but at least i know it is there. i wonder if it would work and would be a way around paying for Picasa, in other words if we use Live writer does it go into picasa?

  4. ...with this post, maybe next time we can all procrastinate with you as you show us how to do the Windows Live Writer!?!! I'm saying to myself right 'bout now "What the heck is Windows Live Writer?"

    No matter my confusion, I simply enjoyed your post...such a card. I love your humor and style Ann.

  5. kinda gal!
    I've Heard about Live Writer but have no idea how to find it OR use it...

  6. I will get around to making a formal request of the instruction I require to master procrastination later on.

  7. Pretty, pretty! I like it when you procrastinate, LOL.

    I adored using Live Writer for my blog posts. I hated to give it up when we switched to the Mac platform 2 years ago. (It doesn't work on a Mac.) I have tussled with the blogger editor for several years and Live Writer was a breath of fresh air to use. Thank goodness I didn't have to suffer too long after my computer transition because blogger made big strives improving the editor interface.

  8. To answer another commenter's question, when you use Live Writer, photos are still uploaded to Picasa. They just go in a separate folder automatically.

  9. I love procrastination - yours of course is a very creative procrastination - mine tends toward the stare off into space and daydream mode...

  10. Where you having wine while doing this procrastination? If not you should have. Just saying.

    I can procrastinate with the best of them. May I join you?

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  11. I've been very busy at work, so procrastination is just occurring at home. I'm not on the computer or doing much else for that matter....I'm just sort of vegging and trying to finish up stuff around here so I can veg some more!

    You are very creative when you are procrastinating!

  12. I loved your tutorial, I wish I needed the help... I have procrastinated to this weekend to get my Christmas pictures out, and just because I wasn't feeling rushed at all decided to add a little extra embellishment to some of the cards, just not enough time to do all 100+ of them as I am the dutiful daughter of immigrants who is obligated to keep in touch with all the extended family here in the states (especially as the oldest daughter after my mom passed)...

    So, I now have my cards ready to mail (will drop them in the post office bright and early on my way to work) and oh no, I still have the teacher gifts to complete - Yikes!!! Ok, I can do this... There is always plan-b for us procrastinators, right :-)

    Antonella :-)

  13. Sadly I don't need lessons in procrastination. I wish I did.

  14. How neat! I would of never known a Christmas tree did that! I love the last picture - very pretty.

  15. That's some great procrastination! :)
    xo Catherine

  16. So cool and free of charge! You can't beat this deal! Gorgeous! :)

  17. Same as Lin I've had such a busy week with filling orders, packing etc. Can't afford to procrastinate ;-)
    I'm almost done with card writing, but I'm procrastinating with the last two...don't know why.

  18. Until I read your post properly, I thought the first picture was a bunch of quilling strips LOL!! Love the effects you produced, and I kind of envy you your procrastination skills!

  19. That first photo is would make a cool painting. I procrastinate a lot with photo editing...the hours fly by :) You are a very talented procrastinator...

  20. I love your edits! Fun ideas. The colors are so vivid.

  21. Everyone says I need to lessons on this topic, being a reigning Master. However, I appreciate the refresher course.


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