Monday, June 15, 2015

Bonus report.

Woot Woot, Hello my blogging peeps. It's me again. Two days in a row of me should make all of you very happy. I know it makes me happy.

Any way, today I want to tell you about our walk on Saturday. We had the whole park to ourselves almost. There was one guy who was mowing and only one other person who was there and we only passed him and his dog once.

It was fun walking through the wet grass. It kept my feet nice and cool. Mom walked on the pavement. Silly her.
What's even sillier is that we got out of the car and started walking and she realized she forgot "the bag". You know what bag I'm talking about I'm sure. Lucky for her the park has Dogi Pot. They provide bags for silly humans who can't remember to bring their own and there's even a place to put the bags when they have something in them.

I hope everyone's week is getting off to a good start. Have another wooftastic day


  1. We are so happy that you got to go on a walk with your mom! We see many of those "stations" with the bags in all of the RV Parks we frequent! It is a really good idea though!

    Happy Monday!
    xo Chloe and LadyBug

  2. Yep, our parks have the dogi-pot bags too!!
    You're such a sweetie Gibbs. You make me want a dog....JUST LIKE YOU!!!

  3. that is a great thing they provide for those of us who have no memory left... Bob just came home from the park, was gone about 25 minutes instead of 2 hours... i said what's wrong, he pointed to the radio sitting on the counter. can't fly planes without the radio.
    glad you got to walk in the wet grass with silly momma

  4. We got another 2.5 inches yesterday. Crimps my style to go fish. Trimmed Lily and she likes not getting full of burrs when we are out.

  5. I guess it's in their own best interest to provide the bags, but I still think that's pretty doggone (haha) cool :o)

  6. Mmmm - nice cool grass on the toesies, makes the walk worth walking.

  7. A nice walk in the park is always fun and having it almost all to yourselves is even better. We do know about those bags.

    Have a woof woof day Gibbs. My best to your wonderful mom. ♥♥♥

  8. Hey, I got some backyard lovin' a little while ago. Chad, our lawnmover, brought over Loop(?) with him. Loop is a Cane Corso, and he is going to be a truly BIG DOG when he grows up. I am really glad he is into just hugging (and not eating strangers) right now. You and your mommy can read about his breed here:

  9. We don't understand why your mom wouldn't want to walk through the gas too. Hmmm. Thank Cod for Dogi Pots!

  10. We could do with that free bag dispenser here, we don't have them and lot of people still don't pick up the dog doos.
    I love the first pic on the long lead, so lovely.

  11. sounds like an awesome time! having the whole park to yourself can be nice. :) wish I could have been there too!

  12. Who's a clever dog! Fun that you had the whole park to run around in!
    The dog poti is a great idea!

  13. And that is called "civilized" along with "doing the right thing" of course!...:)JP

  14. Nice that they provide the bags. I hope everyone uses them. Most times I don't mind the's the owners that are jerky with that sorta stuff.

  15. Lucky you for having the park all to your self! Looks like you had fun running around!

  16. Cute post, Ann.... Gibbs enjoyed that walk in the park I'm sure... AND---I am glad that you are out walking.... Bet you'll take the 'pooper scooper' next time... ha ha

    We have been walking regularly --but it's so doggone hot here that we have to either walk EARLY in the mornings or late in the evening. Tonight we walked right before dark and it was still almost 80 degrees outside.... Yuk!!!!!



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