Wednesday, June 10, 2015

It's a start

I have not been happy with myself lately and have been trying to change my habits so I can shed all the extra pounds I've packed on.  I haven't been very successful so far.

I read about a walking plan that is supposed to help rev your metabolism and thought I might be able to do this. You walk for 18 minutes a day 3 days a week for a total of 54 minutes a week. You start out walking at a normal pace for 4 minutes then 30 seconds as fast as you can. Back to 4 minutes normal another 30 seconds and keep repeating until you've reached 18 minutes.

I wanted to start on Monday but it was raining. Tuesday I was telling one of the cashiers at work about it and when I was leaving she told me to go for it. When I got home instead of plopping on the couch I grabbed Gibbs and we drove to the local park.

Gibbs was more than happy to help me out with this and since other than blog friends he's the only friend I have he was the likely candidate. We did our first 4 minutes and he was full of enthusiasm and ready to go. Just as I was beginning the first 30 second full steam ahead Gibbs decided that he really needed to poop. Well what can you do when nature calls.

We made it through the rest of the 18 minute walk and sat for a second before heading back home.
I'm hoping for 2 things. 1 that it works the way they say it does and 2 that I can keep it up and not blow it off like I do every other attempt. I seriously would like to fit in to some of my summer clothes from last year.


  1. Just go for it! That's the right mental attitude to adopt, Ann!
    Best of luck!

  2. You can do it, or go shopping for new clothes like me. LOL

  3. good luck, walking is the best exercise there is.. i have been hit or miss with my walking.. i do my pool excercise five days a week but that is not enough. need to walk ... i really do

  4. Sounds like a great plan and glad you're going for it, Ann! 18 min. is not too long. I get my exercise by walking to the post office and back :)

  5. You can do this. Just make it a priority. You'll do it.

    Have a fabulous day and my very best to that cutie pie Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  6. Gibbs is a great walking buddy so he'll keep you going! I'm still trying to fit into cute summer clothes from years back so I need to get walking too!

  7. I'm glad to see you don't use a retractable leash - they are so not a good choice. I've got no patience for fad diets and exercise - tho slow/fast/slow is used quite a bit. Steady goes it works - put on your headphones and walk 20 minutes a day at a goodly pace - Who the hell wants to keep track of minutes and seconds (30 seconds is - what 5 -10 steps?)

  8. I'm with you Anne--I've gained weight this year too. I think it is my age--and the middle-age spread. It's not pretty and I feel like crap.

    I have amped up the swimming and I like that it is a solitary sport. But...does the weight or inches come off? Nope. Ugh.

    Okay, let's cheer each other on in this endeavor. I would think that just walking at a good pace regularly would make a change. It is committing to eating better and exercising more. do just that....

  9. You inspire me. Wish we were there to join you & Gibbs. Sending you love & encouragement from TX.

  10. When I first started reading this, I was thinking that you had started walking and the plan was to never turn back. Good thing Gibbs had a firm grip on your leash.

  11. Your life sounds like mine...No close my bloggy buds though...and need to shed some pounds...
    Happy walking!

  12. it sounds like a great plan! I bought a recumbent bike and haven't used it like I should. I can't squeeze into all my shorts from last summer...depressing.
    I can't believe how many of us bloggers don't have close friends/friends locally. Isn't that something??
    Gibbs is adorable and probably an enthusiastic exercise partner. :)

  13. I hear ya sister, seems like every winter I pack on more pounds and every summer I take off less .. not a good direction to be headed in! Wishing you success with your walking regimen, Gibbs will be a good walking partner and will always be excited to go for a walk with you!

  14. This sounds like a plan I could handle too! I think I might give it a try. Hoping it works for you...and me! :)

  15. The 30 second bursts are interesting. I may try that


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