Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Project 365

6/14 I almost forgot to get my picture of the day. I realized at 8:24 that I still hadn't taken one so I took a picture of the clock on the stove.

6/15 Gibbs and I did our walk at the park. I took a bottle of water for myself and a dish for him so we could sit and get a drink before we headed back home. He wouldn't touch it. I think I drank 3/4 of mine down while we sat. Or make that I sat and he explored the area.

6/16 Bummer. I forgot a picture.

6/17 The day lilies were blooming. They have been before this but I hadn't noticed them.

6/18 Normally I go sit in my car and eat my lunch. This day it was raining so I had to sit in the break room.

6/19 Just a peek at one of 3 cakes I had to do that day.

6/20 Not much going on for a Saturday. We did a lot of sitting around inside and out. Gibbs kept watch over the back yard


  1. So, you aren't very good at faking it?

  2. I love the little dish for Gibbs. I have a water dish in both my cars.

  3. I was thinking you could have just said you took that picture literally. Clearly if you "took it", then that's why it wasn't there anymore. 'Cause, well, see then it should still count as the picture that you took....

    Hee ;o)

  4. my favorite day is the black box with writing.. LOL.. love it.. i am now trying to think what i could call my progject. i take at least 20 plus pics every day of the year so should I call it the 365/20 or the 20/365 or do the math and call it 20 x 365 ???

  5. You still have a picture for that day so I say it counts. Made me laugh out loud.

    Have a fabulous day Ann. My very best to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  6. Cake, flowers and Gibbs. Sounds like a perfect week!

  7. Are those black balloons on the cake? Someone 50eth bday? Or older

  8. I don't like eating in the break room. I usually eat at my desk and keep working so that I can get outta there quicker. I like your car idea. We used to have a picnic table, but the new building doesn't have one. :( I think it would be nice to eat my carrots outside again. Can you go outside to eat?


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