Saturday, June 6, 2015

Life isn't always fair

There's no denying, it's a tough world out there. Just the other day, the 3rd to be exact, I came home from work and took this picture of my little bird family

They were hungry little things and every time I looked out at them they had their necks stretched up as high as they would go looking for mom to feed them.

Friday I came home from work and I found this.
Not the best picture but that is the nest. An obviously empty nest. Now considering the fact that there is no way those baby birds were ready to fly and seeing the condition of the nest I know something got them. The way the nest is sitting in the tree, it appears that something heavy must have been on top of it because it's sort of pushed down over the one branch.

Now mind you I have no proof but I found it very odd that last night I found this guy sitting on my front porch.

Very bad picture but I wanted to get a shot of him before he got all the way across the street and out of view. I've never seen this cat in my yard before let alone sitting on my porch. He was also looking up at the tree before he realized I spotted him. I wonder if he thought that the nest might have refilled itself and he could get another snack. 


  1. Ohhhhh noooo! Devastating news!
    But it does happen and we have a mad cat across the street that is desperate for a bird catch too.
    So sad :(

  2. Some cats are real bad at that. Maybe you will get a new family soon.Gibbs, bark at that cat.

  3. How sad.
    We have a feral cat that I call "Leroy Brown" and he's always near our feeders. If I see him 'hiding'...I go out and chase him away. There have been many times all that's left on our grassy spot is feathers.

  4. How sad. So sad.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. My best to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  5. Oh that really stinks! Darn cat! We used to have a cat that would climb the tree in the back yard and get baby birds. We finally had to put a contraption the bottom of the tree to keep her from climbing it! I felt so bad!

  6. I could do without updates like this.

  7. Crap.

    And this is why I hate baby bird season. So much death. It just depresses the hell outta me. :(

    I'm sorry.

    I'm sad for the loss of life. I'm sad for the mother bird. I'm just sad at this news.


  8. Like "Buggar"....I find this so sad.

  9. They say that domestic cats are very hard on bird populations. I can accept wild predation... everyone needs to eat, but naughty kitties get good meals at home.


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