Thursday, January 21, 2016

Frustration is setting in.

I'll admit that it's kind of nice unplugging from the internet and kicking back on the couch like we used to do back in the day. Before I get there though I have to make an attempt at trying to read your blogs and answer emails. That's when the frustration starts. Getting pages to load is excruciatingly slow so I thought well I'll just read the blogs in my feedly reader and pass on comments. Feedly said it couldn't load because it was blocked. Well that's funny because it wasn't blocked yesterday. I finally got it to work and I could read your posts but I couldn't see any pictures.
Plan B just move on to email and answer those. Nope, my email wouldn't load. Plan C was answer emails on my phone. Nope, my phone decided that if the computer wasn't going to cooperate than it wasn't going to either.

Yesterday Steve mentioned good old dial up back in the day. I remember that. Sitting forever trying to connect. OY!!! Sandra asked about the phone vs the computer. We have Verizon for the phone and Dish internet for the computer so they are two separate things. Grace asked if we had cable service available. Yes we do and that may be something we'll look into. Wade mentioned it tonight.

Ok so lets try to go with a picture.

Today's card


  1. Wonder if that Dragon Ass is anything like Woking the Dog?!!

    We have cable for the computer connection, and it's just like having TV....everything loads instantly the second you click on's there, loaded.

  2. I have suffered much from this disease, laughing my head off.. that is odd you had trouble on two different access to the internet. did you try on your computer another browser? at first i thought virus but it would not effect your phone if it is on the computer. malware does that to. very odd symptoms you have.
    did you dump the cache on the browser? Firefox drags really bad without that. so did chrome until i gave it up because of problems. rattling on and on just might fix your problem. he he he

  3. I have trouble every day getting on to some blogs and or anywhere else.So don't feel like the Lone Ranger. Computers can be so frustrating. Great card.

  4. Love the card! I think cable is always the best option - dish/satellite has so many quirks I don't know why someone would choose it over cable. Granted there are folks whose ONLY option is dish/satellite and I feel for them. I don't know who your cable provider is but with so many streaming services available (We have a Roku box) you can get basic cable, high-speed internet and even landline service for a very reasonable price. Then through streaming you pick up the channels you really want to watch. I negotiate with Comcast every year and we have everything on offer, most of which we never watch, paying the same now as I did 8 years ago! A pay Hulu subscription will get you just about everything you want to watch for $11.99 a month and no commercials. That's current tv shows and the old stuff plus movies.

  5. We have AT&T and we like it. We don't watch much television, so we're probably going to get rid of that part of the bundle in March. I think all of those businesses have issues from time to time, but you are experiencing dial-up issues. Yikes.

    I have had dragon ass more than I want to admit. Love that card.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hug to you and my very best to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  6. I had 2 dialing programs. love fast Internet, lost my patience years ago.

  7. Love the card! And I know what you mean ... on the road I never know what kind of reception I am going to get. My Verizon jetpack does wonders but it is hit or miss. Best wishes!

  8. My internet just never seems fast enough. We finally hard-wired the desktop, hoping that it would load faster. It did...but still not fast enough for my liking.

    Hope you get it figured out. Technology...UGH.

  9. You'll get dizzy from the internet speed available via cable in comparison to what I suspect you have now (even during times of full capacity). 'Tis a very good kind of dizzy--be assured. We wouldn't even think about switching if Mediacom did not have us by the short hairs and is now charging over $186 a month for our television, phone and internet. If we go to cut some things out, they'll charge us even more. Sigh.

  10. Sorry for the Internet problems Ann, frustrating when it doesn't work! And sorry for not visiting, I just realized that Bloglovin had unsubscribed me from your blog feed?? Have added you back, no idea why that happened! Deb xo

  11. hahahaha! Chinese disease... you're so funny!
    I just read the top 3 or 4 posts ... catching up with your internet woes saga!
    I could write the book on internet woes.
    I'm also of the opinion (especially, after reading your story) that if we put our internet problems in a hat and decided to draw them out; we'd definitely want our own problems back.
    I know my limits... and well, quite frankly, I don't want your problems! ha!
    How was that?
    it's true.
    We went through some terrible junk with our provider the last quarter of the year- 2015- ... rain and ants and poorly installed equipment. I had a droopy radio. @@ ... blank stare.

    ah, the troubles we go through to connect with cyber-folk.


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