Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Snow problem

Maybe it's snow problem for you but all the snow that's falling sure is a problem for me. As I'm typing this to schedule for Wednesday morning I'm hearing the wind howling outside my window. They've talked about up to a foot of snow over night.

If I suddenly disappear please send out search and rescue. You might want to send one of those St. Bernards with the barrel of brandy around his neck.  After some searching I discovered that the dogs never did actually carry a barrel. Supposedly there was a painting where a dog had the barrel around his neck and I assume the story just grew from there.  Want to know more, read here

So on to the card of the day. This one is pretty blurry. The one sticker is raised from the card so my scanner got a blurry image.


  1. Hook Gibbs up to the sled. He'll get you there and back for a sack of cheeseburgers.

  2. I am going to change one word on your card. for me change it to wipe OUT not away. he he he
    not so funny on the snow. so sorry... and i know you have to drive in it to... we will send the search and rescue for you.

  3. Ah, but the stickers are nice and clear :)
    Boo for snow!

  4. That is a very pretty card. We've got howling winds, no snow. Thank God.

  5. I love the index card today. That's the secret to a happy existence in many cases.

    Have a fabulous day and stay warm. Big hugs to you and tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥


  6. This is one of my favorites so far...Great job. I know, you will be surprised by this, but I wish it would know here! It's just that we(Louisiana)see snow about once every three years, so we think 40 degrees is cold...

    Stay warm. Have a cup of hot chocolate and a great day- :)))

  7. Sweet card but sorry friend...I'll be a drinking the brandy... :o)

  8. Fun card, hope you don't get stranded in all the snow

  9.'s all about creating "boundaries" BFF taught me that years ago although boundaries won't keep the snow away!!...:)JP

  10. We have a little bit of snow, but a lot of the cold winds and blustery temps. We've been lucky so far this winter, so I can't complain...but I will anyway....

    I'm COLD!

  11. Hope the snow has stopped falling, we've been getting dribs and drabs here and have about 3 feet on the ground but at least it's staying pretty warm. And can you tie a bottle of brandy to Gibbs back in case you get stuck in a drift? I am sure he'd come rescue you!

  12. I like this one...a lot!
    Sure hope you're having a wonderful New Year Ann!


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