Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The end for now

First I want to thank everyone for all your well wishes yesterday.  It seems everyone around here recently has been having sinus issues and that's what my problem is. It's not a cold or the flu. This is all sinus related. I had to laugh at one person who was blaming one of the other girls for giving her a sinus infection. Um, sinus infections aren't contagious. I kept the giggles to myself though and didn't make fun.

So the index cards are on break for now. I have two more to show you today and that's the end of them for a bit. I sort of lost my momentum with them

This one is from Jan 6th

And this one is from the 7th

My daily creativity has been lacking. On the 8th all I did was the bit in my calendar and on the 9th I attempted a drawing for an upcoming project. The 10th was prep work for something else I want to start.
Operation clean up is going well. I've managed to do at least a little bit every single day. I'm one cupboard away from having my kitchen done. I'm probably going to run in to trouble when I get to my craft room. That's why I'm saving it for last.

Have a happy hump day


  1. Nice cards Ann, I especially like the dog one. It sounds like your clean up is coming along well.

  2. I like them both Ann! Glad to hear you are feeling better! I have pretty much given up on trying to stay organized....

  3. I like these a lot - the colors, the textures, the 3D-ness. And that's the way to do the organizing/clearing clutter thing - a little bit at a time so it doesn't become overwhelming and daunting. Good for you!

  4. these are both cute, I think I like the Take a break best because that is what I love to do best. take a break. I put the two trees in their bags yesterday and today list is cleaning that darn nook AGAIN... I may just hang a curtain up there and forget it

  5. Hope your feel better soon. Those cards are so cute! I'm working on taking down Christmas and after that I need to continue through the house like you are.

  6. I love your index cards. I love the sayings the best.

    Have a fabulous day and I hope you feel better soon. Big healing hug to you and tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  7. I will surely miss your indexies. But I keep a clipix board with all yours on it and I can go back and look at them. I've been cleaning out things also and finding some things I have been looking for a long time. And some things I can't even recognize. Around Christmas the stomach flu was rampant here but I stayed away and used my thieves oil. Feel better soon.

  8. Hope you are over the worst of that nasty sinus infection.
    I do like those index cards & the cute pup winking at me!

  9. Loving you index cards. The little doggie is so cute :) Hope you are feeling better today!

  10. the puppy dog card is my favorite out of the two...puppy dogs are my weakness. :)
    I'm still putting Christmas away. my cold has had kept my behind, but I'll catch up.
    sinus headaches are awful, hope you keep getting better. :)

  11. These are awesome! The dog one is adorable, and I love the cuckoo clock. You gave me a SCARE. Your title seemed like it was the end of your BLOG! So thankful it is only the cards! Will you go to the doctor for your sinuses? Antibiotics help sometimes. I know the wet weather makes them worse, too.

  12. Cute, cute, cute and I love the little easel, too :)

  13. Are you SURE it's not contagious? Seems I have this sharp pain over my eye socket and to the back of my head when I dropped in here to visit with you?!!! Are you sure. [kidding] Hope you're feeling better.

    Love the RUFFFF day card. Cute.

  14. I like the rrruff one, always fun to see your creations

  15. Always love your cards.... When your creative genes come back, do some more.... Right now though, just get well...


  16. Oh, Ann, I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Darn sinuses...they take forever to heal. Ugh. I hope you are feeling better soon.

    Happy de-cluttering. It's that time of year, as we are doing the same here. Look out, GoodWill.

  17. it's been a while since I've hopped the blogs and read... imagine my thinking when I read the title to this post!
    I was thinking dang! another one is quitting blogging. But no...just the end of your cards!
    I hope to get back here and read more and catch up.
    I love seeing your cards and craft projects... you have such a creative mind!

    glad you're not quitting blogging!


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