Thursday, January 19, 2017

Well that's a fine how do you do

I had an idea for a blog post that involved using something I got in an email. When I sat down to write to the post I discovered I apparently deleted that email in a most permanent way. Well fiddle sticks.

So I begged and pleaded with Gibbs to let me take his picture and he consented, sort of.

He told me to hurry up and take the shot. He said no one would care if it was a bad picture, they just care about seeing him. So that's what I did.

For a little something extra, I have to post this picture I saw on facebook.

Yep, I'm pretty sure that's what Gibbs is saying too.


  1. That is funny! Yes, I have heard that yelling only looks like excitement to dogs, and that makes them all the more wound up. Of course, ANY picture of Gibbs is cute!

  2. Gibbs? You're a doll no matter .... we love you, man!!!

    As for the bus stops in the previous post...a beautiful drive in the morning on the way to work. And then, you went on your merry work? Boy, that wouldn't be me. The only merry way would be to turn around and go back home for a day off.

    Then, your new phone and provider. I have always disliked Verizon...they nickle and dime you for EVERYTHING and their service/connections suck. Looks to me you made a good choice.

  3. so that is why Baby kept barking when we yelled at her. I can attest to the fact yelling at a barking dog does NOT work at all. Our Sweet Jake is not a barker but his sister barked the whole 12 years we had her. love The Eye Shot Gibbs.... thanks for giving mom a hand.. or make that a face

  4. I like the pic and will think next time calming down the dogs

  5. Gibbs is adorable. We all know that.

    Barking is something they do until they are done.

    Have a fabulous day Ann. Big hug to you and lots of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  6. Gibbs, we love seeing your cute face.

  7. He's absolutely right . . . we just like seeing his pretty little face :)

  8. first of all, love seeing Gibbs big brown puppy dog eyes. :) the barking is Rocket all the way!!! Roxy is a talker...I tell her to talk and she tries to talk.:) she barks when she's answering a question like if she wants to go out or go for a walk or go for a ride or her favorite, do you want to eat...she barks twice for that one!!

  9. Gibbs is so cute even if he hates his pic taken! Yelling just doesn't work and now we know why!

  10. Aww he's so sweet in that picture, pleading eyes and all, hoping you'll finish and leave him alone!!


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