Saturday, August 29, 2015

At the hardware store.

There's a little mom and pop type hardware store not too far from us and it's closer than running to either Home Depot or Lowes.

I like going in and browsing around while Wade is getting his assorted hardware type things. The last time we were in there I found these.

I liked this garden stake

and I especially liked this butterfly

and this night light made me think of Lin and all her froggy pals


  1. Such unique objects Ann...Especially love the looks huge and magnificent
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

  2. I'll bid on the frog night light!!!! Cute.

  3. I have one like this near me. As soon as you walk in the gift section is on the right.

  4. Next time you go I'm coming with you. Too cute.

    Have a fabulous day. My best to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  5. I love 'neighborhood' hardware stores - always something unusual.

  6. Oooh! I Love the smiling frog!!

    We always try to shop the mom & pop places before we head to the big box places. I just like the service...and the extras.

  7. Those are some really cute items and the frog is the best. That is right down Lin's alley. You all have a great week end.

  8. The butterfly is very pretty and the frog night light is fun! You can't really find OOAK things like these in big stores.

  9. Very cute! That butterfly is pretty!

  10. Adorable finds! I like garden trinkets too.


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